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The Annie Sloan story is certainly an inspirational one that follows a lady as she turned her passion for creating a paint that would allow anyone to easily revise and re-color anything, which has turned into a world-wide enterprise without equal.

Annie calls her paint, "Chalk Paint" because of its easy to work, smooth matte surface. There is no need to do any sanding or stripping as the chalk paint easily covers whatever surface you are working on.

Annie and her ideas make for a great craft smart chalk paint review as we learn more about how she came up with this idea.

Annie Sloan was born in Australia, and her family moved to England when she was a child. She went on through school and at University she majored in fine art. Upon graduation she became well-known as a muralist, painting murals in the homes of wealthy patrons all over the United Kingdom.

She also became well-known for her prowess in interior design, and that is where the germ of an idea came about. As a fine artist, she had become adept at mixing colors of her paints, and she had found that with commercial paints, that just wasn't possible, as the had become corrupted with too many added chemicals.

So she came up with her own paint, called chalk paint because it had a distinctive matte finish as it dried, and the paint was easily mixable as well. As more and more people caught onto the fact that when using this paint for refinishing furniture and using as paint to enhance rooms and walls.

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As the trend caught on, Annie began to set up satellite stores, called "Stockists" all over Great Britain, and 20 years later she has stockists all over the world on several continents.

The key to the success of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is not only the quality of the paint itself, but the business model of the stockists having workshops where customers are invited in to participate and learn crafting and refinishing techniques. This lends an incredible air of authenticity to the entire process, and a loyalty to the brand that would be unattainable in any other way.

One lady in Des Moines, IA heard about Annie Sloan and could not find the chalk paint anywhere in Des  Moines, so the called Annie direct from Iowa to Oxford, England and had a visit. It turned out that Janet Roewe Piller became a stockist, and to this day she helps customers within a 100 mile radius of Des Moines learn the secrets and techniques of chalk paint decoration.

Annie has written over 20 books on her subject and techniques and her stockists are in North America, The United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Spain, and many other countries. This craft smart chalk paint reviewer marvels at the success that one woman has had. 

There has been such a ground swell of people who have joined the ranks of chalk paint users that it has caused a world-wide revolution in furniture and home renovations.

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