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The Home Depot paint department is fairly straight forward. At most locations, it seems there is always an associate stationed and ready to provide consultations, mix paints, samples, and provide information about the big box home improvement store's paint offerings. There is much more to it than that. 
Many homeowners are right to consider buying their own supplies when it comes to many of the home improvement projects where they are hiring a professional contractor. In some respects, it may seem as if the contractor does not want to go to the store, so they set the prices high enough that it forces the homeowner to go for themselves. 
Though, with Home Depot paint there is an excellent reason to use both a contractor who shops regularly at this chain of stores, even when buying paint. For one, the store's prices are very favorable when compared to what a smaller store is able to offer. More than that, though, if you find a contractor who is part of the company's Pro Xtra  Loyalty program they can purchase the paint at an additional 20 percent off every day low prices. 
Now, for the hassle of going to any store and ordering the paint, buying brushes, and gas to get there and then to your place, yes there is a fee built into your pricing somewhere.
Paint Colors
A great way to test out the colors on a wall before you buy is to buy sample cans of paint. They are big enough that you can check out how you like a color throughout your house but small enough that you will not have the stuff sitting around in the garage for 30 years. 

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The pros at Home Depot are able to match the color straight from the printout off the Internet, or out of a print magazine to the color you want. Better yet, tell them a little bit about what rooms you are having painted, their purpose, and who will be using them, and they may be able to make recommendations on the type of paints to buy.
Some paints are more elegant, while others are high-gloss for easy cleanup. You might even like a matte finish for space whose walls will not be marred by a toddler on a tricycle. 
Get The Project Color App
Even better, check to see how you like a paint color with The Home Depot App called Project Color. The app allows you to preview the color, match and find paints and stains. 
The Home Depot makes it much easier to update the look of your home and freshens it up at a fairly reasonable cost with their paints. They have both  exterior paints for the house along with the primer, and interior paints that provide a new and fresh life to every room of the home. 
Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring in painters, consider going to Home Depot, especially if they are a part of the Pro Xtra Loyalty program and pass the savings onto you. Try out the Project Paint app to get an idea of how the paints will look.

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