How Did Dye Wash Using Chalk Paint Become the Best?

How Did Dye Wash Using Chalk Paint Become the Best? - I'm going to do a car wash on the fabric out of this chair, I paid this year while ago it's been done in graphite with a dog walks, and I just wanted to add a little bit more color to it, cause I think it's okay maybe just a little bit though, so it's open I'm taking it out and now I need to know how much color. I'm going to add what I'm going to do is make a mix of this color Provence with some water, not every color and every fabric is different.
So you never know there isn't a recipe what you can say it's going to be 2/3 this one said that whatever you can do it, cause you never know each fabric is different, than who lives in a different way. I need to color is different as well. So this is the same Fabrics, on that oil Dawn and different mixes, you just need to do a little test, that says this is awesome Anna's Linens, but the fabric is it was to begin with, and that's the color was causing those of primary reference.
So you go to test what I'm going to do, I'm going to put a little bit Pravana and I'm going to find how much water. I need to put in there. So I was just up at the end of the brush and I've made that mix, which is really more for you. Can see ? it's quite transparent, you can see the black company ? so now I'm just going to do a little bit there that's the bit that was discovered, what I wanted to do is to show the text dream to me that seems to be fine to me, that seems to me to be about half and half this one.

Dye Wash Using Chalk Paint
Now I've got to decide where the masking tape is going to be where the lines going to be. I'm not going to do it right in the center puppy know it's probably better, to do it just to say that about that you can either have it large area small area. just press done well, say that nothing goes on there. now the next thing is, I'm going to use the big brush it to me.
I don't want you don't want to load this up with lots, and lots of water. So what I'll do is I'll wash it and then I'm going to get rid of some of this stuff on there, so it's the colors that would mix his dad, but it's not loaded up and I'm going to take them off and take off, so that's it. I think looking really nice if you were going to do this some cousins or you're going to do pillows and cushions anywhere, else where, you're at work but maybe you can watch it you couldn't set it up by putting in the dryer running it or put it in the sun and that will just make it more colorful. So I'm not going to put it back into the truck looks really good I think. Thanks for reading How Did Dye Wash Using Chalk Paint Become the Best?

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