Modern Paints Bring New Life to Interior Decorating and Industrial Uses

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Today’s Unique Paints


Recent developments in paints are quite remarkable. There are paints that are magnetic and that can be a chalkboard. These new paints make it very easy to personalize your home in a fun way.


Epoxy is really super strong and can chemically get into pores and bind with materials like concrete and steel.  This makes epoxy a good choice to prevent rust and also for concrete surfaces.


Paints that glow in the dark, such as black light and neon paints will be favorites for the children. Today, there are pens for children to write on their clothing and children like doing it.

Glowing paints can be used to make a wall neat looking for a party, but look normal during the regular time.  They can also be used to create glow in the dark solar system features.


Milk based paints have been around for thousands of years. They are the base that brought us latex based paints.  For many years people made their own paint because milk paint would spoil too quickly.

Nowadays, a handful of companies, make milk based paint that is non toxic to use. You will not get the traditional paint or gas fumes.


A boat has a primary concern to keep out rust. Marine based paints are epoxy based and a good choice for boats (obviously). Some people also use them on cast iron tubs and other metal items that need to remain free of rust.

Where to Buy

You can’t buy high end specialty paints at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. You will need to go to a specialty store. For example, you might go to a marine supplier for marine paint.

Interior Design Tips

When you walk into a home, it should have color and a feeling of warmth and friendliness. However, many homes are simply one shade of white, off white, or eggshell. A blank palette is a good way to sell a home. It makes the home look larger and doesn’t offend any persons taste. The problem is that the home has no character.  If you purchase a home such as this, focus on bringing in color.

A good way to paint your home is to choose walls that will be colored. Do not paint the whole thing one color.  Colors should contrast well with each other.  For example dark blue and white contrast well.

The ceiling should be a lighter shade of the wall color used most. This will give the room a lighting effect.  The furniture should be a bit darker shade of the wall colors. The flooring should be darker than most of the walls.

The main point is to bring out three shades of the same color with painting. For further details you should paint with various sheens. Satin is the best choice to paint most of the home. Ceilings should be painted with flat colors so that light softly reflects. Kitchens, bathrooms, and door jams should be semi gloss so that dirt and grime can be cleaned up easily.

For bathroom ceilings, use a mildew resistant paint such as Kilz. To paint garage or concrete floors, use epoxy based paint. Make sure to clean and seal the concrete surface, first.

Recent paint developments have made interior painting more unique and exciting. The new magnetic and chalkboard paints are quite remarkable.  For example, you might paint heart shapes in a girl’s room that can be a place to hang pictures or even draw pictures. A boy’s room might have magnetic gear toys and cars that stick to the magnetic paint.

In years past, you were limited by the size of magnetic board or chalkboard you could fit or afford to purchase. With these new paints, it is possible to make huge chalkboards and magnetic surfaces. And, if you want to change it, just paint over it.

Lastly, for your paint design, don’t forget fun paints like neon and black light. You might hire someone to paint a party mural that can only be seen under black light.    

Glass to Paint

Stained glass is truly beautiful to behold, but is also quite expensive. For a lot less money, you can purchase a clear pane of glass and paint it to look like stained glass.

You can also decorate glass vases, glass ornaments, glass dishes, and virtually anything made of glass.  It is fun for hobbyists to see how nice they can make their home with glass paint.

Glass paint will also work on ceramics.

Chalkboard Paint

Imagine having a paint that can also be used as a chalkboard. This makes it so you can have a chalkboard any size or shape you want. You can put chalkboards on any walls or wood that you want. The paint is unique and dries so that chalk can write on the walls and also be wiped off. Children and adults love chalkboard paint.

Magnetic Paints

Do you like to hang things up on your refrigerator? If so, then you may like magnetic paints. You can apply the paint and turn any part of your wall or wood into a magnetic surface. The magnetic surface can be used for magnetic toys and to hang up pictures and items that change often. This unique paint can be applied without worrying about shape and size.  It can truly be a customized workable surface.  

Concrete Paint

Concrete will hold paint well, but make sure the paint says that it can be used for concrete.  Check the label.

Extra preparation is needed when painting a concrete floor.  As in other applications, the area should be clean and dry.

Concrete can often be porous and that will not work well to paint. So, make sure the concrete is sealed well.  If in doubt, put on another sealing coat before painting. You can put out some plastic overnight and if you get condensation there may be a problem.

Then, fix any leaks or cracks in the concrete because this will be difficult to paint.

Finally, paint the concrete in two to four coats. Most people recommend two coats.

You can add in additives to give the paint a slip resistant texture. Check with your local hardware store.

Painting concrete is usually much cheaper than any other form of floor restoration. I have seen buildings with painted concrete that look fabulous. You don’t even notice that it is painted concrete. In fact, some people can paint faux rock floors by being careful about how they paint the lines.

Milk Paint – An Environmentally Friendly Paint

Milk paint is a non-toxic, fade-resistant paint made from milk protein (casein), clay, and lime and earth pigments. It is the earliest known paint and some people believe it has existed over twenty thousand years.

Because the milk paint would spoil; just like milk. It wasn’t able to be distributed well. The advent of latex paints changed the paint industry forever. However, the first latex paints were made partly by using the first milk based paint formula.

The main selling point for milk paint is that you don’t get the fumes and as many toxic chemicals that are in other latex based paints. It is a more natural product. You won’t be as likely to get the headaches and allergic reactions that some people get to paint. Recent milk paints are said to be so non toxic that they could be drank without hurting yourself. Don’t do it, of course. We are not liable for you drinking paint.

One internet testimonial, Gregg from Vermont, claims that he spilled milk paint into his aquarium and it didn’t kill the fish. Amazing!

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Glowing :

Black Light Paint

Imagine having a cool party scene painted on your walls that can’t be seen. Then, when you have a party and turn on the black light, a new world opens up. You can make some really neat looking wall murals with black light paint.  The colors are bright and striking.

Black lights can also be used for security. You can put a special dye on items that a thief might touch. The dye is clear and unnoticed, but under black light it reveals the thief. You can also use black light to detect counterfeiter monies.

Glow in the Dark Paint

Do you have that really cool glow in the dark stars and maybe the solar system?  If you child likes a glow in the dark solar system, think how much they would like glow in the dark paint. With the paint, you can customize just how you want things to look. You can even paint your own starts and planets.

Neon Paint

Neon paint is very bright. The green and pinks are so colorful that the colors will stick in your head for quite a while. Nowadays, you can buy neon pens to decorate your favorite items and the paint is washable.

Neon paint is also known for its ability to glow in the dark. The paint will absorb invisible light during the day and give off visible light at night.

Special Finish :

Chrome Paint

Do you like Deloreans? Many car and bike enthusiasts really like the look of chrome. And, chrome is typically produced in a factory with tools and processes not available to the average consumer.

Lucky for you, there is a water based chrome paint.  It requires the surface to be sanded with 800 grit sandpaper and be extremely clean.  Then, you need to use a primer that claims to be used for chrome paint (zinc oxide primer).  After prep work simply spray on the chrome paint.  It will leave a think layer of chrome metal.

Chrome can come in more than one shade.  There is gold chrome and silver chrome.

Fabric Paint

Fabric paint is for painting on fabric. It will stick to the fabric and look good. It is used for making tee shirts and for repairing furniture upholstery.

If you can make or buy a stencil, you can simply create your own tee shirt or personalized clothing designs.  The secret is to have paint that works with fabric.

It can be fun to create a tie dye shirt. Tie dye is a form of fabric paint.

Metallic Paint

Little flakes of metal in the paint give it a glittery and shiny look.  Metallic paint is good at revealing contours and shapes. It is also a paint that is easy to repair, if damaged. According to Wikipedia, metallic paint is almost exclusively used by auto manufacturers because of it’s superior paint shine. However, when repainting a vehicle, metallic paint is surcharged even though there is no added cost to the person painting your car.

Special Properties :

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is used as flooring paint or as a rust preventer. It has superior properties in preventing rust.  Most paints will provide a layer of material over a steel structure. Epoxy paint will go deep down into the metal structure and bond to prevent rust and this makes it superior in rust prevention. For the same reason, epoxy paint makes a good concrete paint.  It will go into the pores and bond better.   

Marine Paint

Marine paint is made for the bottom of the boat. The main concern is that the steel bottom will rust out. A high quality marine paint will stop rust. This means that you can also use marine paint for other rust preventative needs.

Marine paints can also be used for, pool paints, gas tank sealers, deck finishes, and flagpoles. Anytime water or rust is a concern, consider a marine paint.

Insulating Paint Powder

NASA developed a powder that can be applied to internal or external paint. The paint has insulating properties and will help reduce home energy consumption.

The paint was first developed to keep the space shuttle from heating up too much.

The powder contains hollow, microscopic ceramic spheres, and will also apply a coating to the ceramic spheres.

We call the paint green paint because it is so good for the environment.

Garage Floor Paint

The garage floor is painted with an epoxy paint. The concrete should be cleaned and sealed prior to application.

Even after sealing concrete, there are still open pores. That is why epoxy paint is used. The chemical makeup allows it to go into the pores and bond with the concrete. This makes it a very strong paint to use.

Many people like the chip look. The paint will look like it has chips in it. This look is popular because it will hide scuffs or oil that drops into the surface.

The main reason to paint the garage floor is to keep it clean. Have you ever noticed how hard oil is to get out of concrete. An epoxy floor paint can be cleaned off much easier because the pores are not sealed instead of open.

The floors come in many colors and you can do some unique things with the paint. Some people make a path one color and the sides another. Painted concrete is often underrated

Bath Tub Paint

Since a bathtub is often under water, I would use a high quality epoxy based marine paint.  I would prep by sanding, sand blasting, or using some acid like hydrochloric acid. Then, I would paint the bathtub with primer and finally the marine paint. I would not expect to get this high quality paint from a big boxer like Lowe’s or Home Depot. I would go to a marine store to buy the paint.

Unique Paint Faqs

Q. What paint would my child like best?

A. Neon paint is a favorite because it glows in the dark.  You may also use black light paint.  You can paint your childs wall and it won’t be visible unless under black light. 

Q. What is an environmentally friendly paint?

A. An environmentally friendly paint is milk paint.  It can even spoil if you leave it out too long.

Q. What is epoxy paint used for?

A. Epoxy paint is used for its ability to go into pores and bind.  That makes it an excellent product to prevent rust and to use over concrete.

Where to Buy Unique Paints

We are not currently selling any paints.  We will bring you paint suppliers, for your reference, in the future.

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