Searching for Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Home Depot

Are you joining in on the chalk paint trend? It is the most brilliant way to add new life to old furnishings. Get that classic, distressed, beach-side look with absolutely no effort. Just add your inspiration, pick a color of Chalk Paint and get busy transforming cabinets, frames, desks, chairs, mirrors and so much more with chalk paint.
Are you having a problem finding Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Home Depot stores? You are not alone. Annie Sloan is the premiere name in Chalk Paints and her brand is considered the original. But, the product is only available online from the maker if you happen to live in the UK.
As for finding this brand at Home Depot, you will not be able to do so yet. However, Home Depot does have its own brand of Chalk Paint called Americana Decor. You can use the full line of colors to restore or make new any item you like without any sanding, prepping and offensive toxic odors. Many craft lovers find that Americana paint is comparable to Annie Sloan's. It is not the original, best paint, but it will do to offer a great finish to your creation.
Americana offers a chalky finish paint that is similar to Annie Sloan's. It is also a water-based paint.  It comes in many shades so you can have room for your imagination to go and explore all the color options that are available to you when you start working on you next project. 
If you cannot find Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Home Depot stores, remember that the line is still rather exclusive. If you are just starting out working with Chalk Paints, you can try out your own home made formulas. Just use blends of  baking soda, Plaster of Paris and regular paint to use on wood or other types of furnishings. You can get an idea of how Chalk Paint feels and the results it gives.
You may be able to buy original Annie Sloan paints at a local art or antique shop. There are authorized sellers that offer the product as well as classes for how to use Chalk Paint. These authorized sellers can teach you all the techniques you will want to learn to make your next furnishing a true masterpiece.
If you cannot find Annie Sloan, you have options. You can either experiment with your own home made blends or you can buy Americana brand from Home Depot. All of them are easy to apply. You use one coat, then let it dry and buff it to achieve the look you want. If you want it to be even and matte, you can do less buffing and for a distressed look, you can do more buffing. 
Clean up for any of these is easy with water and a clean cloth. Americana is comparable to Annie Sloan, if you have trouble buying it. Use all chalk paints to explore what works best for you and the creative projects you are working on now and in the future.

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