The Best Home Depot Garbage Disposals Of 2016

In case you don’t have the time to do an extensive research on which is the best garbage disposal currently, simply scroll down a little to find the top rated units that are available.  Otherwise, see my quick info about garbage disposals in general.
Home Depot Garbage Disposal Reviews
A garbage disposal or as some would say, garburator is an electric device that stays between the U-bend and drain in the kitchen sink. Its purpose is to make food waste turn to small bits so that it can be washed down the sink. You already know this right? Apologies! Before deciding to buy a home depot garbage disposal, you should note that they are of two types – the continuous feed and the batch feed garbage disposal.
Here’s a short video that shows how a garbage disposal work:

Difference between Batch Feed Garbage Disposal & Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal:
Batch Feed Garbage Disposal: This is a food waste disposer type that allows you to push waste into the machine and then by inserting the plug into the hole switches, it grinds the waste into bits.
Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal: This type of disposer is very common nowadays; it uses a switch that can be turned on automatically with the help of a sensor or manually. It requires running water so as not to make it jam.
Personal Review of Top 7 Garbage Disposals of 2016
Waste King L-8000 Legend Series: The Waste King L8000 garbage disposal is a 1 Horse Power Waste King L-8000 Legend Series machine that does a pretty wonderful job at grinding waste into small flushable bits. It is a highly rated continuous feed garbage disposal that only weighs 14.9 pounds and runs at a speed of 2800 rpm beating some popular units. Its stainless steel impellers minimize jams and it packs grinding components that are rust-free. With this 1.0 Horsepower equipment, you get all your food waste grinded into bits flawlessly and with minimal noise that are annoying especially when you have visitors. Judging by the number of happy customers on Amazon, there’s no doubt that you are going for quality with this product. Personally, this unit is recommended for average family owners. It doesn’t require much effort to install too.                                                                                                                                                  
InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0HP: Here’s a 25.5 pounds stainless steel (40 oz. household InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0HPfood waste disposer that features Multigrind technology (3 stages of grinding in this unit) and is powered by a 1Horsepower induction motor. This product from InSinkErator also sits with the best sellers and it is worth the price. Ready to give your kitchen sink a shiny new equipment? Grab a unit of this one.
InSink Erator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP: This is a continuous feed garbage disInSink Erator Evolution Compact 3-4HP disposal that is designed to serve many small households. It features a 34.6 oz. grind chamber components that are made of stainless steel. This unit also comes with multi-grind technology which allows it to crush items that seem hard to grind. This home depot garbage disposal boasts of a collar sink that reduces noise to the barest minimum so if you don’t like noise made by garbage disposers, you might want to consider buying this unit.
InSink Erator Essential 3/4HP: This appears to be the favorite of people who are lInSink Erator Essential 3-4 HP looking for power at a lesser cost. Similar to other units reviewed on this page, InSink Erator Essential 3/4 HP home depot garbage disposal features Sound Seal that allows for quietness during operation and also has 2-stage Multigrind technology inbuilt. Physically, this unit is made with stainless steel and boasts of 40 oz. grind chamber of the same texture. It’s not all too heavy as it only weighs 20.4 pounds.    
Waste King L-111 1/3 HP: This is an amazingly cheap garbage disposal that delivers high speed food Waste King L-111 1-3 HP waste grinding with its corrosion-proof grinding chamber. Only weighing 8 pounds, this product is fast and easy to install into any kitchen that wants to get rid of food waste easily.
Waste King L-8000 TC 1 HP: This is a similar unit to the #1 product listed. It also runs at 2800r Waste King L-8000 TC 1 HP pm and has rust-free grinding components as well. The major difference however is that this one is a batch feed home depot garbage disposer while the other product is continuous. In addition, this weighs a little more (16.1 pounds). It has a fast and easy system that allows for quick installation into any kitchen setup.
InSink Erator Badger 5 XP 3/4 HP: Weighing only 15.7 pounds, the badger 5 XP disposer is InSink Erator Badger 5 XP 3-4 HP a reliable and quite affordable unit with 26 oz. grind chamber and 3/4 inductor motor. This food waste disposer is designed to fit under small sinks and is good for grinding an extent of tough waste in your home. It also comes with the quick lock feature as with other products from its manufacturer – the quick lock enables you to replace any InSink Erator garbage disposal easily and at your convenience.

What is the Best Cheap Garbage Disposal?
Assuming you have a lot of things that are seeking for a share of your budget, you probably are on the lookout for a cheap home depot garbage disposal that delivers well. After considering many factors and prices, the cheapest and yet, good garbage disposal is the Waste King L-111 unit. This can be afforded by the tightest budget and will still do a pretty good job at grinding your waste. The Waste King L-111 is 1/3 HP continuous feed garbage disposer that promises the great service and actually fulfills it all at a very cheap price.
Home Depot Garbage Disposal Buying Guide
While you are on the lookout for a good garbage disposal at an affordable price, there are some things you may need to know so as not to repeat your search all over again in the nearest future. Most importantly, you need to know how powerful each unit of garbage disposal is and the strength can be measured by the horsepower specification. The horsepower is basically a measurement of the power of the electric motor that is present inside a disposer which grinds food into bits. As you would have perceived, the greater the horsepower of the unit; the greater the ability to crush food and the possibility of lasting longer as well. What do those horsepower ratings mean? See below:
  • 0.50 horsepower home depot garbage disposal is a currently the smallest unit and is designed for a mild usage in homes.
  • 0.75 horsepower home depot garbage disposal is the mid-range unit that allows for greater usage and suitable for family usage.
  • 1.00 horsepower home depot garbage disposal is quite the most powerful are does tough work for homes with larger garbage output.
  • Another important thing to note is if you would need a batch feed disposer or a continuous feed disposer – this has already been covered on this page earlier. Knowing these will further aid your decision for going over to get an excellent garbage disposal that wouldn’t drain your wallet.
  • Wait…. Do you know that even garbage disposals are not meant to last forever? It could happen that the electric motor burns out or something simply is out of it and you are stuck seeking for help or a replacement as the case may be. Most people simply begin to make contact and do research on how they can get a new unit that wouldn’t give that problem again. The main solution? They therefore go by searching for home depot garbage disposal reviews. It’s good you are here because there’s a stack of them available and more coming.
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