The Unconventional Guide DIY Ombre Paint for Dressers or Shelves

DIY Ombre Paint for Dressers or Shelves - You'll see you that we talking it up the girls dresses, and I wanted to show you how I did it on brace style dressers with the recipe, that we used in the last articles. So you're just going to use the DIY Chalk Paint Recipe, that we used last articles or you can use your own page, you don't even have to use chalk paint for this, but I did because I just am in love with you.
I think it's just amazing, what we can do if we're going to create our first color or by the color that we want, and you're really going to want to make sure that you fully finish each color before you start making the lighter colors, because you're not going to be able to go back unless you want to make different containers and make all the colors.
So that if you get a scratch or something which is a really good idea and I think about it, but I basically just use the same color and started mixing white, and on the purple dresser, I think I did too much weight for the first step my color. 
Guide DIY Ombre Paint for Dressers or Shelves

DIY Ombre Paint for Dressers or Shelves

You're probably would have given me great for this project, but I think I nailed it and I just put a little bit of white, and if you do to do put too much light in that came out really weird, just go ahead and put the original color back in. 
So once we have each step completely done and covered and dried, and you like it go ahead, and just repeat those steps and then don't forget to use the wax. I got this one of Michael's just like, I showed you in the last DIY and that is not my arm that is my husband's arms, just like I said it looks like the green looks a little bit better, the steps are just a little less gradual as in the beginning and for some reason this looks a little choppy, but it does look amazing and relax.
So I always am looking for ideas DIY Ombre Paint for Dressers or Shelves, so if you guys want to do something let me know.

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