What Is Chalk Paint? A Beginner’s Guide To Crafting With Chalk Paint

What is chalk paint? It is a unique type of paint that is often used in crafting or furniture refinishing. It has an ultra-matte finish with absolutely no shine. This makes it ideal for distressing since it can be sanded or buffed away without altering the sheen of the paint. Here are just a few of the advantages of this type of paint:
  • Easy to Use. Chalk paint can be applied to just about any surface including glass, metal or wood. Best of all, the surface doesn't have to be prepared before you apply the paint. That means that you don't need to remove the old finish or spend hours sanding or scraping the wood. Instead, you can simply paint directly over the top of whatever finish is there. That makes it extremely fast and easy to complete projects.
  • Fast Drying. Chalk paint dries very quickly compared to other paints. That means that even if you need to apply multiple coats, you can still finish your project within a single day. There is no need to leave the paint drying overnight. Again, this significantly decreases completion times for most projects.
  • Good Coverage. Many pieces can be refinished with a single coat of chalk paint since it offers such heavy coverage. In some cases you may need to apply additional coats, depending on the color that you are trying to paint over. However, because the paint dries so quickly between coats, it is still incredibly fast and easy to apply.
  • Lots Of Available Colors. Chalk paint comes in just about every color that you could imagine, making it easy to find paint that matches perfectly in your space. Whether you want a subdued cream color for a shabby chic look or a bright shade of turquoise for something more fresh and modern, chances are you can find the perfect color of paint.
  • Water Soluble. The fact that chalk paint is water soluble means that it is easy to clean up after your projects. You don't have to worry about having turpentine or mineral spirits on hand like you would with oil-based paints. Instead, you can simply rinse out your brushes with water and allow them to dry. This makes the cleanup process extremely easy and quick.
  • Affordable. Chalk paint is quite inexpensive. This is particularly true when you consider how much coverage you can get out of even a small amount of paint. Because it offers such heavy coverage and requires so few coats, even a small jar of paint may be able to get you through many projects.

Just what is chalk paint? It is an easy to use, affordable paint that can be applied to just about any surface. Not only does it dry quickly, but it doesn't give off fumes and can be cleaned up easily with water. It comes in just about every color of the rainbow and is ideal for projects of all different shapes, sizes and styles.

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