What Is Chalk Paint For Furniture DIY Projects?

If you enjoy the idea of working on reviving old furniture or decorative items, you will want to know the answer to the question, what is Chalk Paint for furniture DIY projects? Chalk Paint sounds like something a kindergartner might use, but it is actually a non-toxic type of paint that helps make old furniture look revived and refreshed.
If you have ever seen a unique table, chair or cabinet with what is obviously a new coat of pastel paint interspersed with the juxtaposition of nicks and strategically placed scratches, you might have wondered how such a beautiful, but clearly distressed object came to be. Did the person who acquired it just get lucky in finding it? 
What about coming across someone's antique desk that is drawing you in with its sea-foam green paint job and perfectly faded edges? Both of these scenarios are likely to be great examples of what can be done for DIY projects with  Chalk Paint.
Chalk Paint is water-based, non-toxic and free of lead. It comes in paint format, or it can be made from things like baking soda, Plaster of Paris and regular paint. This paint or blend of paint goes on easily without sanding to just about any type of wood or wicker furnishing. Instantly, it can be buffed or sanded to create an authentic distressed,  antique look, creating a unique furnishing that can only be described as a work of art.
If you are like many people who enjoy making something old or used into something new, you will want to know more answers to the question what is Chalk Paint for furniture? Think of it as a magic formula you can apply to any old furnishing you own or acquire to make it more beautiful or to make it match a particular d├ęcor for a specific room. 
To start working on your own DIY projects, get yourself a prepared form of the paint. A great maker of Chalk Paint is Annie Sloan, but you can also make your own. Simply take some baking soda or Plaster of Paris and blend it with your choice of paint. Then, apply it to whatever piece of furniture you want to transform. Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan comes in an array of shades.
While Chalk Paint is popular for creating distressed furnishings, it is also possible to use it with a variety of techniques, waxes and finishes to give furnishings smooth, modern appearances, too. It really only takes a few items including the paint and a little imagination to transform anything you like. You can work on cabinets, planters, side tables, desks, chairs, frames and mirrors.
Get some Chalk Paint and start experimenting with a DIY furniture project now. You can learn more about how to work with this paint via online tutorials or by taking a class at a local art or craft shop. 
Hold on to your old, outworn furniture. You can easily and affordably turn them into something new and beautiful when you use Chalk Paint.

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