Where To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Home Depot In American

It used to be a very specialized experience buying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, at least stateside. Where To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Home Depot was one question one American asked. Her answer was to become a supplier herself, shipping to local states in her vicinity. Though, that is a story for another day, but a good history anyhow. 

What's So Great About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

You have not heard what a miracle this material is? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was developed in 1990 by Annie Sloan. 

It takes out the many steps that block most people from painting in the first place. For instance, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint requires no sanding and no priming. It is a miracle worker all its own.   

Additionally, the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint decorative line is water-based non-toxic, lead-free, odorless, and EG-free. It is very low in volatile organic compounds. You can paint it onto almost anything from a simple wall to flooring to metals, earthenware, brick, and matte plastics.

What all of this means is that the Annie Sloan paints are non-toxic, non-flammable, and can be used during pregnancy, in children's rooms, and even to paint children's toys.

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Versatility By Design

It takes well to objects that will live outdoors or indoors. Many decorative painters additionally enjoy using this to decorate upholstery and dye fabrics as well.

The can provides coverage for a small piece of furniture, with one coat generally being sufficient. It is uniquely versatile. For instance, add water and it makes a cool wash. Thicken it up by leaving the can open overnight for use as an impasto. 

Adding the Annie Sloan wax provides a new elemental style, that of a slight sheen. Wax is also often sought after by craft painters and decorative painters because it additionally protects the furniture.   

There are one million more reasons why do-it-yourself decorative painters love Annie Sloan's products. Though, they are tough to come by and expensive because they are imported as well. 

It usually takes finding a supplier who is locally available, read: small shop that has higher prices and less space for inventory. The questions is not so much where To Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Home Depot

To answer the question, Annie Sloan's products are the absolute highest quality and a favorite for its versatility, safety, reliability, and great looking results. People are willing to pay more to get the reliable product every time. 

The small shops tend to provide intimate experiences, where subject-matter experts are present to teach new technique and answer questions. 

Have you ever bought paint at Home Depot? Then you know that the intimacy is not there. Oftentimes, you have to flag down the paint department. While Home Depot has created its very own chalk paint, good luck getting the support and quality of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint when going to the big box stores. 

There is a reason why there is a thriving chalk paint business for Annie Sloan, despite more limited availability. It is easy and safe to use, and creates unique results that decorative painters everywhere love.

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