Why Did My Chalk Paint Crackle Like That?

The biggest reasons people use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are ease-of-use and the many fabulous looks they can achieve. It is simple, fairly straightforward, and lets you focus on design and decor more than on sanding and priming. 
The paints are non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use if you are pregnant, and even safe in children's rooms and on kids' toys too. 
Why Did My Chalk Paint Crackle? 
Now, they are easy to use, but not necessarily foolproof. There is still some learning to do because it involves a few items that do not react quite as expected.
Under most circumstances Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint adheres right away with one coat without ending up with brushstrokes. That said, there are some materials, such as mahogany, that are extremely dark and dominant. 
What it means is that you will need to probably use a primer of some sort prior to using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. It is not bad or good, but will waste time and paint if you are not armed with this piece of information prior to going into a small to large do-it-yourself project.   
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In addition to having dark materials coming through, concern yourself with the abysmal pink mess prior to painting as well. 
Only experienced Chalk Paint decorative professional and do-it-yourself painters will appreciate how amazing the Annie Sloan line is. For those who have the great misfortune of picking the one item that has you scratching your head and wondering why did my Chalk Paint crackle like that you know it is frustrating. 
Just know this: you hit the jackpot by picking the one item that cannot be easily painted even with Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint; meaning, you probably will not have another problem in the near future. That is of course unless you were planning on re-painting an entire mahogany bedroom set or dining room set. 
Pretty Pink Bleed through Crackle!
This is the telltale sign that you have picked the exception to the rule. If after one coat the pink and brownish splotches bleed through, or even crackle, you will have to do it again. 
For starters, you will need to prime, and potentially actually remove the old paint. A word of caution here, though. People tend to go overboard and do everything to prep the piece once they experience bleed through. 
With Chalk Paint, something as seemingly innocuous as sanding, may create a texture that begets a distressed look. Do not go overboard. Simply remove teh old paint, prime, and then paint with the Chalk Paint. Consider yourself lucky and just be glad that the rest of the pieces you work on will be much easier.
What caused you frustration this time around may be the source of future inspiration. Take it into consideration as a happy mistake that will allow you to make better looking furniture to your taste in the future. In art, mistakes are great learning lessons that you can apply at a later date to look like the decorative furniture painting hero that you really are.

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