Why DIY Chalk Paint Recipe is Afraid of the Truth

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe - I wanted to share with you what does chalk paint recipe, and actually will be number one because I started using a different recipe, but this one works amazing for blood, and I just wanted to share with you, cause it's really inexpensive it just takes some baking soda, some acrylic paint and paint brushes, and some storage containers with I just use these old unique containers, I guess.

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe Part 1

Are you can pretty much use any type of thing ? so basically I'm going to make my own colors, that I'm going to be working on giving you, like a tutorial on how to mix colors exactly, and I get together a good chart revised to print out but basically, I just am going to pick the colors that I want from my color book, right here I'm taking these phones not being a butt making coral and then I'm a little bit later.

so I'm going to make these colors what you're going to do, if you don't have a custom-made pillows you were going to buy the color of acrylic paint that you buy at the craft store, which they run about a $20-250 a piece. I'm making a bunch, I just use basically the primary colors black and white, so I just I think things like that.

So I make my color and then I said I figure out how much paint, I actually have and then I speak to about a third of it with baking soda, he just really makes it and really well until, it's a very smooth consistency like that all those chunks out and all that stuff.

So here I'm just looking up the phone color that I'm actually using the word. I used to the coil on a metal bed with you, and I actually did not like this mixture for metal but it would it was amazing. So I'm just finishing yup the same color, and I'm going to apply it to the sewing table that I bought at a garage sale for $20, and the best part is I did not have to sign anything, and I really only did one coat, and it's just amazing how cheap this is and how well it covered.

I would recommend after doing it, if you don't want too much training for a rough texture to throw a little bit of sandpaper over at the very end just brush it with paper. I hope you guys enjoyed DIY Chalk Paint Recipe to leave it in my living room.

DIY Chalk Paint
Why DIY Chalk Paint Recipe is Afraid of the Truth
DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe Part 2

I did it on the stressors that I got from the thrift store using just house paint. I actually got the sample sizes because then you can get more colors and there about 3:50 at Home Depot, and then I got a big old cup of plaster Paris at Michaels which will probably last me my entire life, and then I just bought the folk art home decor wax to use end.

So I just got some dressers and I would advise trying to find something would not already painted like this, it did not take very well to the shock thing. I did like the truck thing, but it I noticed that it was a little bit, harder to get it to it here. when it was already painted with something, but it still worked and it was great.
So I'm just putting in my pants that I got already pre colored, and I colored I'm going to do it still on the hombre dresser next, I'm just slowly mixing in the plaster of Paris one scoop at a time, and then I made it to about the consistency, I don't know its not much just watching another person, as she did it and she said that she got it to mash potatoes, and I tried that on another project and I just didn't like how big it was.
It covered really well but it didn't go as far because I was taking a huge loss, so I just put in enough to wear it, she's pretty sick and I just started by painting the dresser and I'll go into detail on how I actually made it the dresser in the room for a dresser, but I just basically started painting it, and like I said this is already painted with some type of high gloss paint.
So it's a very smooth surface it really works, really good for wood or anything like that. so I compared to the baking soda recipe is about the same it's not as grainy. I really like both of them, I can't decide which one I like, but you're going to want to take some wax, that you can get at Michaels or Jo-Ann's, but I have it too but I love this one of my goals, and just rub it in and then the next day and go in and rub it off, and it's good to go on the spray-painted the Knobs gold.
If you guys have request DIY Chalk Paint Recipe, please let me know I am always looking for new ideas, and even though I have it on in my brain. I would love to hear, if you guys needed help with making something. I am always here and my brain is always going. so I would love to help you guys get more creative if you are stuck or something like that.

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