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Most novice DIYers are truly terrified about taking the leap and purchasing Annie Sloan chalk paint. If you’ve ever had a DIY furniture painting project go wrong, it’s understandable that you’re quite stressed about going back to that point. However, Annie Sloan features some of the easiest to use paint on the market, and you can transform a drab piece of hand-me-down furniture into something fab with just a bit of effort.
Annie Sloan chalk paint requires no prepping time, and all you need to do is wipe down a piece of furniture, grab a brush, and apply the paint in even brush strokes. The paint is manufactured from ingredients that are non-toxic and have no smell, therefore, you can do this project from the comfort of your own home. Now that you see how easy it is to actually use the paint, you’ll have to consider Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors on furniture.
The key is to select a color that will work well with your decor, and enhance the contours of your furniture. You will need to apply a coat of Annie Sloan wax sealer to seal in the paint, and when you do, the original paint color may come out looking a bit darker. How can you choose the right color?
Start by figuring out the look you actually want to achieve. Most of the colors Annie Sloan sells are a bit diluted and milky in nature, therefore, even harsh pastels can look right at home with a cottage look. Chalk paint is actually perfect for creating a nautical, cottage, contemporary, or primitive look. Just know your theme before getting started!
Once you know the look you’re actually trying to achieve, it’s important to consider how solid or distressed you want the color to be. Most furniture can look fantastic with a distressed look, but if you’re going for a French country theme, stick to light colors such as milky white or gray. It’s possible to layer colors on top of each other to further distress for an even older look!
If you’re in doubt about the nature of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors on furniture, go for something light colored. Ultimately, you can find bold colors such as Provence, Aubusson Blue, and Emperor’s Silk, but opting for something safer such as French Linen or Versailles can play well with all style of furniture.
The last thing you’ll need to really take into consideration is how much use you’re looking to get out of this color. Some people re-paint their furniture as trends change, but others are okay with retaining the same look year in and year out. Once again, if you choose a neutral color that can work for a wide range of styles, you won’t have to worry about spending additional money to re-paint your furnishings. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe if you’re new to Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, and that’s why the original manufacturer makes it so easy to prep and paint pretty much anything!
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