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The story about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a very interesting and intriguing one. Annie was born in Australia, but her parents moved to England while she was still a child. She studied fine art and design at University and for a while was a painter of murals for the well-to-do in England.

She became frustrated with the inability of the commercial paints to be able to be properly mixed in order to attain the rich colors available in artist paints, so she set out to correct the problem. In the process of developing that solution, she came up with her trademark chalk paint, which is not made of chalk, but is a paint that works extremely well for interior design purposes.

First of all, it is a paint that mixes very well to achieve many different hues and colors, and secondly it can be painted on with no sanding or undercoating required. Its finish is a very rich matt that allows the antiquing of furniture to fine finishes that are the envy of all.

The paint became an instant hit, and 25 years or so later, with 20 best-selling books under her belt, Annie Sloan, operating from Oxford England she has created a world-wide network of distributors she calls stockists.

Stockists are not to be taken lightly, as they are all very well trained and are experts in the use of the Annie Sloan brand. In fact the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Stockists are handpicked by Annie herself, and must show an aptitude for interior design and have the ability to teach others how to use the paint themselves.



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Stockists set up their own retail operations and not only sell the paint but put on workshops and educational sessions to show people how to use it. To locate stockists, customers can go onto the Annie Sloan website and locate someone close by in the UK, Europe, The United States and Canada, Spain and South Africa.

The story of the lady in Des Moines, Iowa who had heard of Annie Sloan, but found that there was no local outlet that stocked it, so she called Annie on the phone from Des Moines to Oxford and had a nice chat. Annie suggested to the lady that she become a stockist, and that is just what she did.

Today her store in Des Moines serves about a 100 to a 150 area in the central Iowa and she has built a very successful business as one of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Stockists.

The key to the success of the phenomenal growth of the brand is not only the brilliance of the application of the paint itself, as it cut down on lots of sanding, adding primer coats of paint, and time of labor, but also the fact that the workshops are so popular.

The workshops can take a complete novice and in a very short time make them into a very accomplished person in refinishing and repainting furniture. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the rage worldwide.

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