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If you are crafty or love DIY projects, there is a way you can transform your furniture and walls with an easy to use paint that gives a vibrant and bright finish. Annie Sloan chalk paint is one of the most exciting new paints on the market and it gives you the tools you need to do everything from replicate vintage furniture to give your old furniture a new exciting look. Read on to learn more about how to use it and where to buy chalk paint.

Chalk paint is a new player on the market and it is easy to use. It also gives a unique finish to your pieces that works great for people who love the vintage look. You paint it on and use wax to seal and protect the color. The special wax that you apply gives your furniture a look that is totally unique. 

People are using chalk paint in many exciting ways and it works great for people who are using it to give their furniture a vintage look. Distressing is a popular technique that is well suited for Annie Sloan paint. You take two different colors and layer them together in a certain way. Then you apply a coat of soft wax and you have a piece that is perfectly distressed.

You can also use chalk paint to bring out the grain in your wood. This gives your furniture a rustic look and it is so easy to do. Not every project needs to be rustic. You can also get powerful modern results with chalk paint. If you are looking for something modern that is smooth and elegant looking, you can easily achieve it with chalk paint. It is easy to do and only takes a few steps.

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If you are going for a simple vintage look, you can achieve the look with just one color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. First, you will want to choose the piece of furniture that you want to work with. As you paint it on, you want to move the brush in multiple directions. Once the paint is dry, you use a lint free cloth to rub in the wax.

You can also use sandpaper to remove some of the paint and if you want the look to be more antique, use a dark wax. This gives your piece an authentic antique look. Now you have a gorgeous piece of furniture and it didn’t take you too long to create it.

If you want to know where to buy chalk paint you can usually find it at your local hardware store. Not everyone carries it and the price can vary from store to store, so you will want to do some research and look around for a store that has a decent price. You can’t go wrong with using chalk paint. It gives you lots of creative ways to make your home look better and the paint is fun to work with.

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