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Thrift shopping, yard sales, and estate sales can often yield a number of great furniture finds at a reasonable price. The problem with most used furniture that you will find secondhand is that it has had a tough life. What we really mean is that you will find scratches, areas of missing varnish or even deep gouges in the finish. Some pieces can easily be brought back to their former glory with a bit of sanding and wood staining, but that’s if you get lucky.

There are pieces of furniture that will no longer function the way that they used to, and in these instances, painting the wood an entirely different color is preferable. But what paint should you use? In the past few years, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tucson residents love has gained popularity for its ease of use and lovely color choices.

With hundreds of colors you can make your selection from, and plenty of different shades, you’re always likely to find the perfect combination for your furniture. Chalk paint is quite a bit different from regular wood or latex paint. The first reason ASCP is popular is because you can skip the priming of your furniture entirely. You can imagine what a nightmare it is to apply primer and then paint, in fact, it can be extremely time consuming.

With chalk paint from Annie Sloan, you can get a large project done over the weekend. What’s more is that the paint is naturally eco-friendly and contains no odors to speak of. So, if you have a project for the indoors, you don’t have to stink up your house or wear a face mask to get the job done.

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Any type of wood surface can be painted with ASCP, and if the furniture has a fairly smooth finish, you can skip sanding it down altogether! However, if there are gouges, splits or splinters that need to be addressed, minor sanding with fine grit sandpaper is a good idea. Realistically though, chalk paint doesn’t require the same preparation as other paints do as it has completely different ingredients. Even a novice painter can make an old piece look new again!

The one downside to ASCP is that it needs to be sealed with furniture wax. Since the paint is rather porous after it has dried, it is easy to leave smudges and fingerprints over the surface. However, when you really think about it, it only makes sense to add a sealer to finish up your project. It will help preserve the color, make the furniture easier to clean, and it gives it that truly finished look.

You can buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Tucson residents love online or offline. The official website offers you different products, including furniture wax you can purchase straight from Annie Sloan. The Shabby Chic trend is not going away anytime soon, but it gives you the opportunity to mix old designs in with the new.

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