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The overall decor of the home depends largely on the colors and the textures of the furniture in the house. The biggest problem with furniture shopping is that most of the times, you are forced to settle for the colors and the painting techniques that are available at whatever outlet you are buying your furniture from. If you are a free spirit, and you do not like sticking to the conventions when it comes to home decor, you should definitely think about painting and decorating your own furniture. Many people think that the process is complicated, but with the help of experts such as Annie Sloan, it does not have to be that confusing. Here are a few of the tips that can help you get started with Hobby Lobby Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Buying The Furniture

Customizing your furniture to your own taste can be very simple, especially if you are lucky enough to buy the pieces when they aren’t painted. However, this does not mean that if you already have pieces that were previously decorated in the home you will not have an opportunity to re-customize them. In fact, one of the specialties that Annie teaches is taking pieces of art that are not stellar, and turning them into masterpieces.  

Prepping The Furniture For Painting

One of the main mistakes that people make about furniture is that they do not take time and prepare it for painting. They simply set it up where they want to paint it and start the process. To get the best finish, you have to sand the furniture before applying the paint. Take a good brand of 150 grit sand paper and sand the seat, table, dresser or whatever other piece as evenly as possible. Make sure you are gentle to avoid gorging the surface as this will not look good after painting.

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Priming The Furniture

This is another step that many people forget when it comes to preparing furniture for painting. Buy a good brand of primer and keep it with you. After you are done sanding the piece, apply the primer evenly. Make sure that you get to those areas that are difficult to reach. After you have finished applying the primer; sand down any excess with the sand paper. Let the primer dry up completely before you can start painting using Hobby Lobby Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Now, when the piece of furniture is well prepped like this, the painting process will be simple, and the results will be amazing. It is possible to learn many wonderful tricks on how you can paint your pieces and improve them by watching the tutorial that Annie Sloan gives on her website. What is even more amazing is the fact that she has a range of products that are just ideal for home decoration projects. The deal gets even better because instead of asking for the products and having them shipped overseas, now there are shops that are selling these wonderful products in the UK, US, and Australia. This means that with a little effort such as logging on to her site and paying one of her outlets a visit, you will make masterpieces for your homes.

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