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If you are new to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint phenomena, then you are in for a real treat. For home artisans who have long been fans of re-designing and re-decorating furniture, upholstery, and even walls with a custom paint touch, welcome. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a game-changing line of products that — in most cases — lets you skip some of the most arduous and tedious steps of the refinishing process. 

Who Is Annie Sloan? 

Annie Sloan is the brainchild of her own product line and located in the United Kingdom. Initially, only one or two places in the United States carried these very special chalk paints. 

It is more readily available than it was in its early days. Though, you may want to seek out the smaller, individually owned shops who were first to offer the Annie Sloan line. The reason is that at this point they may have the most experience in dealing with what qualities and characteristics you may come to expect from the product. 

They are very familiar with some of the quirks as well as the benefits of this line of chalk paints.  Avoid horror story scenarios by entrusting your projects in with people who know the products the best. 

If you are confident and experienced with Annie Sloan products, you may like the offerings provided by larger retailers that now carry the paints. Though, even so, there may be that one project that throws you for a loop. In that case, at the least have a connection and contact either directly with Annie Sloan’s company or with the experts who were authorized to sell the products in the company’s early days. 

Other Extra Help

If you are very far from the nearest small dealer, then consider reading up on the products and how they interface with different surfaces before jumping in headlong into a project with Annie Sloan paints. 

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Where To Buy 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailers near you are provided online. Check out by continent, whether Latin America, Africa, North America, Australasia, United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, Middle East, or in the Caribbean. It is available worldwide, though again, take mind of where you purchase. 

The idea is that you may need specific tips on how to use the product that may not translate well in an online video. It is one time to be aware of the potential for misinformation that may be available online. 

Follow the experts who are authorized dealers. They are chosen to sell the chalk paints based on their knowledge, skill, and authority on the products. When seeking Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailers near you, keep this at the top of your mind. 

How Annie Sloan Picks Dealers?

If you are wondering whether you should choose the big-box retailers’ knock off of chalk paints, please reconsider. Annie Sloan’s products are specially formulated to provide a low-maintenance experience, as promised. 

Annie Sloan’s names are personally on the products, and she cares whether you are able to get the finish you want. That is why the authorized stockists are hand-picked based on their small, independent owner status. 

That means, trust the stockists of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailers near you to provide the high level of knowledge, service, and know-how that Annie Sloan expects of her providers. It is worth your time and energy to reach out to the regionally available retailers, even if they are hundreds of miles away from you. 

Their product knowledge is incomparable and priceless to meeting your design and decorative painting needs. 

How Annie Sloan Chooses

Authorized dealers, or stockists — as they are known in Annie Sloan’s circles — are chosen specifically for their individualized style and artful eye. It is really something that Annie Sloan’s company takes a lot of pride in, it’s independent and hand-selected dealers. 

The company only does direct business with independently owned businesses whose community is close in its bond as retailers of the premium chalk paint. All of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailers near you, and around the world share one common bond — their passion for the unique and easy-to-use reliable Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products.

The other reason is that they are all specially trained in the methods, surfaces, and types and applications of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Keep that in mind when you are taking on a new refinishing project. The experts at the regional store are specially trained and knowledgeable. 

They respect your time and money and are available to help you. They want you to have success with all of your projects. If you look around the Internet, there are a handful of examples of more stubborn at-home artists who thought they could get a steal on knock-off chalk paints from the big-box stores. 

Unfortunately, they have a trail of horror stories to share. Instead, invest your money wisely and respect your time by getting it right the first time. Rely upon the great resource that Annie Sloan’s company provides — hand-picked retailers. 

Rigorous And Selective Retailer Choosing Process

Not everyone is chosen to be a stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. That is worth knowing because it means that the company takes very seriously in whom they entrust their brand expertise. 

In order to sell their products, the retailer must be a mom and pop shop and actually have the expert understanding of how to use the products. It is brand protection and ensure that its users have a quality experience the first time and every time they use the products. 

Take a look by continent, nation, and region to determine the store that will work for you. Technically anyone around the world could work with you. Though, you want to keep in mind that the most local retailer will provide the paint with the most reasonable shipping rates, and instruction and information in your language.      

Choose Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and the specially designated independent retailer that is located closest to you for the best service. Learn from the best to ensure success.

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