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Over the past few decades, a number of different types of paints have been introduced in the market but when it comes to specific non-toxic paint for furniture, nothing can match the matte finish offered by Annie Sloan chalk paint Tucson. This famous paint for furniture was developed by Annie Sloan in 1990. Many people do not know that the chalk paint is the brand name and does not refer to the actual ingredients of the paint. 
She developed this paint as she was looking for paint with multiple uses but could not find one and therefore, had to develop her own. She chose to name the paint this way because it resulted in chalky finish. One of the most unique things about this paint is that it looks very different. It is not some simple paint with some calcium carbonate added to it. 
It is also not a charcoal paint and it is not a mixture of baking soda or plaster of paris added to another paint. The formula of the paint is a trade secret that has been developed by the inventor after years of research and working with different types of paint. This paint can be used on most of the surfaces and talented artists can get amazing results with this paint, very quickly. 
This paint can be used for a smooth contemporary finish, a distressed finish as well as a textured finish. It is a water based paint and completely non-toxic and lead free. It also has very low amount of volatile organic compounds. The Annie Sloan chalk paint Tucson is available in a variety of colors. The colors range from soft to bright that reminds one of the historical European decor in addition to the colors preferred by people in 20th century. 
The colors are strong which means that multiple colors can be easily mixed together to create new custom colors. The paint can also be used for washes. As you may be aware, Annie Sloan is one of the most well known artists when it comes to colors, decorative paints and techniques. She travels all around the world giving lectures and workshops on her techniques and she is also a bestselling author with over 20 books published so far. 

The paint is unique and it is also sold in a unique manner. All of the stockists of this paint are carefully selected by the company and they only choose independent shops. All of the independent shops chosen are handpicked on the basis of their design aesthetic and there are absolutely no stores that look the same. These stockists are spread around the world. 
Also, these stockists not only sell the paint but they have also been trained in the particular method of painting. All of these stockists can also offer practical advice as well as workshops on using various techniques and colors to help other artists express their own personal style. So, when you are looking for any Annie Sloan chalk paint Tucson stockists, you can find various stockists serving this area by going to the website of Chalk Paint listing the stockists in this region.
As mentioned above, Chalk Paint is the brand name and it does not refer to the ingredients in the paint but it refers to the finish that is achieved after using the paint. It does contain calcium carbonate that is obtained from various sources including marble, chalk and limestone. This paint is made in UK as well as in USA. 
It is completely non-toxic and lead free which means that you can also easily use it on various items meant for children. As far as the technique for using this paint is concerned, Annie Sloan also holds workshops teaching others the right way to use this paint.
Before you start using the paint, it is important that you keep the can tipped over for at least 30 min and then shake the can thoroughly to ensure that it is well mixed for use. As far as preparation for painting is concerned, Annie Sloan does not recommend any preparation but sometimes a little preparation can save you a lot of time. For painting furniture, you should wash it down with denatured alcohol, mineral water as well as warm water. 
There is no need of sanding in case there is no shiny surface. Sanding may be needed on a shiny surface as the paint may not stick to shiny surface. As far as the brushes are concerned, you may choose any one you are comfortable with. You may keep the brushes in a Ziploc bag to protect them between the coats. You can clean the brushes with simple water with some soap.
It is important to keep in mind that this paint is thicker as compared to the latex paint and therefore, it gives excellent coverage. Most of the times, you’ll be able to finish a piece in less than two full coats and it also dries extremely quickly. The paint thickens when it is exposed to air and it is useful for various things. 
As mentioned above, a number of colors are available and you can mix various colors to create new colors. Workbooks are also available that make sketching very easy. They are also soft waxes available that are very easy to work with and low in chemicals. Only a small amount of wax should be used just like using a hand lotion. 
The best way to use wax is to take a small amount and massage it till it disappears. The paint gives a chalky finish but you can also buff it to get a gloss effect. You can clean it with any clean cloth such as T-shirt. Just wait for around 24 hours after the last coat of wax before you start buffing.
You can do a number of things with Annie Sloan chalk paint Tucson. It sticks to most of the surfaces including glass, metal, plastic as well as wood. Overall, there is no other paint that can match the matte finish provided by this particular paint. So, next time when you want a matte finish, go look for chalk paint and finish your next masterpiece.
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