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Sure you want to find and buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Free Shipping. What’s more important is how to utilize this still pretty new medium to achieve the looks you want. It is quite an adaptable product line and the makers are always coming out with new and more exciting products to add depth and life to your creations.
However, the magic of the people behind the products makes the difference between much-anticipated Chalk Paint turning out to be a dud and a waste of time or having the thrill of results better than you could ever imagine. 
Honestly, you cannot go wrong with Annie Sloan’s signature Chalk Paint because it is foolproof. Just spray it on and the product creates a new finish without all the hassle of the old time painting fun of stripping the old enamel or paint off down to the wood or original surface; then sanding, priming, and painting a few coats for full coverage.  
With the help of the loving care and knowledgeable Annie Sloan Chalk Paint experts in the Des Moines, Iowa regional online and bricks and mortar store, you are sure to get the right paint the first time.  
The owner of TLC Vintage paint is unable to offer the opportunity to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint free shipping. Though, they make their best effort to ensure you get the best price for sending you the items. 
In the surrounding areas, which include Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin, flat rate shipping is offered on a scale, depending upon how much you purchase. The lowest rate is $10 for one can. 
The idea is to ensure that the paint makes it to you without facing the elements. That means quicker shipping times. For anyone outside the area, they will look up shipping prices to ensure the most economical shipping rates that will bring the product to your home or business. 

Or if you live near the store front TLC Vintage at the Sherwood Forest Shopping Center in Des Moines, make it a point to visit them. The owner is a crafty painter herself, who had discovered Annie Sloane’s Chalk Paint as a miracle worker for her own projects back in August of 2011. 

As soon as Janet Roewe Piller found the Annie Sloane Chalk Paint product line, she opted in to become the region’s licensed retailer, and at the time the only person selling the product in the area. That’s how good the product line is. 
There is a handful of options to buy. To buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint free shipping go ahead and stop by the store at 7518 Hickman Rd. It is across from the Bucaneer Ice Arena and the K-Mart. You may call 515-276-1577 to order by phone as another option.
If you stop by you may have the honor working with  Mrs. Piller, or her husband, Dan. In addition, Mary Killebrew may also be in to assist you. They are a talented group who stay current on new painting techniques, products, as well as having a full breadth of craft knowledge to share. 
Take a browse around the store or their website,, for more ideas and knowledge. 
Champagne Tastes On A Do It Yourself Budget
Maybe you would love to have a professional artist come to your home to make elaborate looks come to life on your walls. The wheels of creation come to a screeching halt when you look at your monthly bills. 
The world of faux painting brings home looks otherwise impossible to achieve without picking up and moving to trendier (read: more expensive) parts of town. The blog section of the TLC Vintage site is immensely educational. 
Learn step-by-step how to transform a boring white wall stuck in the suburbs into a focal point that looks like it fell out of a loft in the city. Give more depth and greater variety to pieces by following guidelines shared in earlier blogs too. 
If you have questions you can always call up or visit the friendly faces at TLC Vintage. They are seriously excellent sources of everything shabby chic, and keep abreast of all the latest trends. 
More Urban Steam punk Appeal
While it is appealing to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint free shipping there is always the appeal of stopping by the store. TLC Vintage also has a variety of looks in house. 
It is a great way to get some creative energy and ideas to take your place from flat to multi-dimensional. For the earlier loft look, which is basically creating a faux painted brick wall, add dimension in these ways. 
For one, you might want to include an industrial set of cogs, wheels, and realistic machinery around your home, or this area of your place. It will add the realistic appeal and up-to-date style of steam punk with an urban flair.
To get hands-on training to make sure you are not wasting your paint and time, be sure to sign up for their classes. They are a nominal fee of $85 and include everything from a beginner’s introduction to Chalk Paint, working with upholstery, and other classes. 
One great idea is to get a group of your friends together for a Girls’ Night Out event. Get your girlfriends together to spend 3 hours painting in the studio. Rates start as low as $350 for up to 8 people. TLC Vintage provides the paint and cheese, and you bring the wine.
In addition, if you need a well-ventilated space onsite you may rent studio space for $25 per hour. Work in an environment away from the hectic  rush of your home life.   
Work on learning new techniques, and enjoy the convenience of having brushes and paints for sale, and a virtual encyclopedic knowledge right at your beck and call in the store.  
While there is no option to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint free shipping, there is the opportunity to get your product in tact. And, definitely utilize the resource that is this knowledgeable team of professionals working in the store.
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