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The colors offered in chalk paint are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are wanting a weathered antique look or a bright colorful accent piece, you can not go wrong with chalk paint. The following examples of chalk paint colors for furniture will help you determine which colors to use for all of your painted furniture projects.
Go Bold or Go Home
Bright bold colors are the perfect choice for a kid’s room or a statement piece of furniture. When choosing a paint color, think of whether you want the piece to stand out or blend seamlessly with your other furniture in the room. 
Kids love bright colors! However, don’t limit the color choices in a kids room to primary colors, such as red, blue, yellow and green. Try tangerine, lime green or turquoise for a surprise pop of color in your child’s bedroom.
If you are painting a accent piece, colors such as barn red, robin egg blue or sage green are great colors to use in the living room, dining room or kitchen. Look at the accent colors in these rooms to help you get inspired.
Antique Inspired Colors
There are a variety of paint techniques you can use to antique a piece of furniture. Colors such as weathered grey, antique white, chocolaty browns and colonial black can make a new piece of furniture look like a century old antique.
Choosing chalk paint colors for furniture pieces that are to be antiqued usually involves choosing two or more colors. These colors allow the piece to be lightly distressed so that “older” paint colors show through. This can be accomplished by applying a black or white bottom coat. Allow this color paint to dry overnight and then apply a weathered grey color to as the top coat. This top coat can be brushed on so that it appears to look like old weathered wood. To complete this look, use a minimal amount of paint on the brush and gently drag the bristles of the brush along the piece to mimic the appearance of wood grain. Finish the piece by gently distressing the edges to show the underneath color.
Shabby Chic and Romantic
Shabby chic and romance goes hand in hand. Colors for this type of finish include whites, pale lilac, pale pink and muted blues and greens. These colors will produce a soft, feminine piece of painted furniture that is often used in bedrooms to enhance the romantic feel. 
Unlike other chalk paint techniques, only one color is used. The piece is painted with only one or two thin coats and then the piece is highly distressed to create a feel of age old romance.
Whether you are painting a piece of furniture for a kid’s room or a formal living, the chalk paint colors for furniture pieces are endless! One of the biggest advantage to chalk paint is its ability to be layered to create a custom piece. Use the advice above to help you choose the perfect color for your showcase painted furniture piece.
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