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If you are trying to figure out which colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Home Depot sells, you have come to the right place. Unfortunately, however, you may be disappointed to learn that Home Depot doesn’t carry any Annie Sloan paint. Although the line is extremely popular with crafters, they have chosen not to add it to their in-store inventory.
However, that doesn’t mean that you are totally out of luck. They do carry another brand of chalk paint that offers extremely similar colors to Annie Sloan, but for a far cheaper price. The brand is Americana Decor. The paint is said to have a chalky finish that is a lot like Annie Sloan paints. It comes in a wide range of colors including shades of white, beige, gray, black, red, pink, yellow, orange, blue, lavender, teal and green. 
If you don’t want to try out the new paint, you can always order Annie Sloan paint online. Some people prefer the original because of its texture, ease of use and consistency. Keep in mind, however, that it does cost nearly twice as much as the paint that is available at Home Depot.
Annie Sloan was the inventor of chalk paint. She developed the unique formula back in the 1990s. At the time, she was looking for a paint that would be easy to use and couldn’t find what she wanted on the market. This prompted her to make her own paint.
The formula that she came up with is unique in that it can be painted right over the top of an existing finish. This can save hours of backbreaking work since you don’t have to worry about sanding down the finish before painting a piece of furniture or other decorative item. Instead, you can just slap a coat of paint on right over the top.
Another thing that she made sure of was that the paint dried quickly. There is nothing worse than waiting for paint to dry. Even worse, sometimes paint can stay tacky for days. If you put the furniture back together too soon after it has been painted, freshly painted areas can stick together, resulting in damage to the paint.
Annie Sloan paints solve this problem by drying extremely quickly. You can finish projects in a single day and put your furniture back together again without having to worry that the paint isn’t dry. As you can imagine, this makes it far easier to complete projects in a timely manner.
If you have been trying to figure out which colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Home Depot sells, you can stop your search. Even though they don’t carry Annie Sloan paint, they do offer an alternative with the Americana Decor brand. If you are looking for a local source for chalk paint, you may want to give it a try. It’s colors are extremely similar to Annie Sloan paint, and the money you save on shipping costs could definitely make it worthwhile.
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