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Thinking about painting a few different things? If so, you may want to give those items a different finish than the typical matte or glossy finish. If you are looking for a unique look, chalk paint is a great choice. Did you know that there is a variety of Annie Sloan chalk paint Lowes home improvement store offers to customers?
The chalk paint is great to use on different types of furniture. While you can paint your walls with it, you can add color to tons of other items too, including end tables, headboards, dresser chests and picture frames. In fact, you can probably find something in each room to completely remodel by using the chalk paint. An old piece will suddenly look new after you are finished with it.
The Annie Sloan chalk paint Lowes offers comes in lots of colors, so you never have to deal with a shortage of unique options. There are colors for just about anyone, whether you like to keep it basic and simple or if you prefer a lot of brightness. Several shades of green, blue, yellow, pink and even gray are available. If you would like to make the decision a bit easier, consider picking out the colors ahead of time based on what you like the most after viewing the color samples.
If you are interested in a simple do-it-yourself project, visit a local craft store and buy plain trinket boxes and picture frames. Once you have these items in your home, you can use the chalk paint on them to completely turn them into all new pieces that will look great in different rooms, such as the bedroom and living room. You may want to keep some of them for your own home while giving a few of the others you have painted to loved ones as presents for different occasions. If you are creative enough, you can do a lot with the paint on the different items you have.
The painting process is fairly simple. If you are painting a relatively small piece of furniture or other small items, sit at a covered table or go outdoors before getting started so that you do not make a mess on your floors. There are various brushes that come in different sizes, all of which you can use to achieve the exact amount of coverage you desire. If you want to saturate certain items with lots of color, it may be necessary to add a few extra coatings of the chalk paint to achieve that look.
If you just want a touch of color, one or two light coatings should be good enough to complete the piece you are working on. There are also a few different Annie Sloan stencils available that you can use while you are painting too. Stencils are the perfect addition to a piece that is nearly finished. The design from the stencil you use will add something special to any item, such as a cabinet, drawers or even the wall.
When planning to add color to your home, check out the extensive line of Annie Sloan products. With tons of colors for you to use, you simply cannot go wrong.
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