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Annie Sloan from England may be one of the world’s most foremost experts on color as it applies to home decoration and style. The is the inventor of the Annie Sloan paint line of paints which needs no stripping of furniture, sanding or primer coats. Her paint goes on over the top of anything and looks great.  

Annie received her education in fine art and turned that into a line of dealers all over the world selling her paint. The aura of her paint line is nothing short of fantastic, as its demand for a quality paint that can be used immediately without all of the mess of preparation, is without a doubt a huge breath of fresh air.

Currently there are over 1,400 Stockists, which is what she calls her Annie Sloan chalk paint retailers in locations all over the world. The proprietors of these establishments are self-employed individuals in their own right, and they hold periodic workshops to inform people how easy the paint applies to nearly every thing, and also to share new ideas in home and office decoration.

One of the Annie Sloan trademarks is the ease of the mixture of the colors, because normally people attempt to mix paint colors and they can get very muddy looking. The name of “chalk paint” came about because the finish when the paint dries is so smooth.

Annie Sloan began her career painting murals in homes for a commission in the 1970s, but by 1987 she had written a book about decorative painting for interior decoration. She was literally unable to find the quality of paint she thought ought to be available, so using her knowledge of paint, color, pigments and the history of art, she came up with her now famous chalk paint formula.

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In 2000, she established her shop in Oxford, England and began to offer her expertise in interior design, and of course her Chalk paint.

It was not long that people outside of the Oxford area began to hear about her paint and her services, so she began to train others to use her paint and advance her ideas for interior design.

Now only handpicked individuals are chosen for the position of becoming a stockist, as they are well trained to handle any contingency that clients may have in refinishing, painting and choosing colors. Even so, no two stockist shops are the same as Annie wanted each shop to reflect the personality of the individual owner.

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailers go through quite an involved and rigorous selection process, and they have ongoing and continuous training as well. The goal is to make everyone be the best that they can be.

Only the Stockists of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint are trained in the Annie Sloan method, which gives a good continuity to the process, yet there is plenty of room for local styles and trends, and the stockists are trained on that end of the business too.

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