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Annie Sloan is a designer and artist who lives in Oxford, England, and for the past two decades has been heavily invested in her chalk paint company, the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint company. The paint offers a unique method of re-doing old furniture, walls, floors and just about any other old surface that needs to have a re-do.

Rather than strip the surface paint off, sand it down, and put on one or two primer coats, the chalk paint process allows a simple paint-over. Viola – suddenly here is a process that everyone needs in our hurry-up world.

In August of 2011, Janet Piller was searching the internet and was looking for an easier way to put on a Shabby Chic surface for a chair that needed some work, and she came across Annie Sloan’s products. One thing led to another and soon Janet and Annie were corresponding by email, and before you could say “Jack Robinson” Janet was the local representative for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Des Moines.

There was no one in the entire state of Iowa who even carried chalk paint of any kind at the time, so Janet rented a space at a local antique mall, set up a website, started a blog and a Facebook page. Janet figured that there were plenty of people who were looking for the same type of procedure that she had been searching for, and she was right.

Annie Sloan originally developed her now internationally known decorative paint in 1990, as she wanted a paint that was instant and spot on when it was applied. She had three boys at the time who were under age 7 at the time and she didn’t have much time to do a lot of decorating.

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So Annie’s goal was to invent a paint that would go over just about anything, any type of wood, old and new, metal, cement blocks, plastic – you name it. So that is what happened, a paint that requires no stripping, priming, sanding or any kind of preparation period.

She also wanted the colors to be able to be mixed without them turning muddy, like so many of the other kinds of paints. Her methods of color mixing are different than any other paint company, and she named her paint, “Chalk Paint” due to its consistency, and its beautiful matte finish, which is very smooth and velvety.

So once Janet Pillar discovered Annie Sloan and vice versa, it was like a marriage made in heaven, because Janet saw the need of the marketplace, and Annie had the solution. Now Janet has moved to a brick and mortar store in the Sherwood Forest Shopping Center in Des Moines and regularly holds painting classes at her store facility.

When Janet first got started, she had publicized the chalk paint Des Moines availability that was forthcoming, and people began to call to set times to buy the paint once it arrived at the store. The paint and all of the applications that it provides is like a breath of fresh air for antiquing and restoration enthusiasts, for it really does take out all of the preparation that used to have to be done.

Now, Janet and her husband Dan, and a friend, Mary Lou Killebrew, staff the store and they have never looked back and are busier than ever with classes, customers and constantly happily explaining the many varied uses for the paint.

The color palate of the paint is based upon 18th to 20th century design and the colors represent those periods. The colors are easily mixed so that their range is expanded to a great degree. If you need to smooth the paint out a bit, just add a little water, or if you think that it needs to thicken up some, just leave off the lid for a time.

The Annie Sloan paint brushes are designed expressly for the paint, the flat brush for the smooth effect, and the bristle brushes for a more textured kind of effect that mimics an aged look. Once the paint is dried, the Annie Sloan soft wax is applied to the surface which protect the finish and will add to the durability of the project.

People just love this because we do life in the fast lane, or we mostly think we do. The DIY projects are just something that fewer people get involve in because everyone is very busy, especially if they have children who are involved in just every little thing.

Being able to transform a desk or a book cabinet without having to go through all of the “recommended” stripping, sanding, etc. is really a great idea. Janet and her crew have been very successful in bringing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Des Moines up to speed in a very positive and profitable way, as the classes and the products are in great demand.

What is even more impressive is how the item looks when the project is finished. The paint dries to an absolutely terrific finish that lasts and lasts. The many different ideas for different effects that have come from Annie Sloan gives the process just that much more sizzle. There are even fabrics that Annie Sloan has available to further accentuate that 1860s look.

Customers who are now involved with the Annie Sloan paint Des Moines has to offer through Janet’s store are also delighted with the various workshops that are also available. People quickly learn that this is a lot easier than it looks at first glance, and by attending a workshop, they can see first hand how it is done and they pick up lots of tips.

Now, Annie Sloan paint is available all over the world, and yet Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Des Moines is still the only outlet for a 100 mile radius. You should stop in to Janet’s store if you live anywhere in Iowa, of just visit her blog or website for more information.

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