When You Buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Free Shipping Can Save You Money


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If you are planning to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint free shipping is an added bonus. If you can find a store that is willing to ship the paint to you for free, you can save a lot of money, while still getting all of your favorite colors of paint.
If you haven’t ever used Annie Sloan chalk paint before, you are going to love it. This paint is so versatile and easy to use that it makes crafting or refinishing old furniture a lot of fun.
Gone are the days of spending hours sanding furniture to remove the old finish before you paint it. Instead, with chalk paint, you can paint right over the top of the finish that is already there. As you can imagine, this makes the process far faster and easier than it would be if you had to strip it back down to the bare wood before you could start painting.
Another thing that makes this paint unique is how quickly it dries. Some types of paint can stay tacky for days before they fully cure. With chalk paint, however, your project can be completely dry the same day that you paint it. Again, this makes it fast and easy to get projects done so you don’t have to leave your home torn apart while they are in progress. Instead, you can start a project in the morning and have everything cleaned up by the end of the day.
Chalk paint is ideal for creating the look of vintage or antique furniture. It can be thinned down with water, allowing you to paint it on in such a way that it allows the underlying grain of the wood to show through the paint. In a way, it acts almost more like a colored stain when you go this route than a paint.
At the same time, you can apply it thick enough that it completely covers whatever lies beneath, creating a solid color with a beautiful matte finish. Finally, if you want you can also take a piece of sandpaper to the furniture after it has been painted to distress the finish. This can help make it look old and well-worn, adding character to the piece.
Since the paint is called chalk paint, you might think that it only comes in white or cream like a piece of chalk. However, it is actually available in a number of different colors  — over 30, to be exact. This allows you to choose a color that will perfectly coordinate with your existing decor. You can choose from bright, saturated shades, or pale, subdued tones depending on the look you are going for.
When you buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint free shipping can wind up saving you a lot of money. You may want to spend some time shopping around to find a store that offers free shipping. By doing so, you can get the paint you need without spending a fortune on shipping charges.
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