Why Does Chalk Paint Crackle: All You Need To Know


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Chalk paint is an essential part In the beautification of our homes and furniture. Most of those who have used chalk paint over time realize that they are many a times faced with the problem of the chalk paint crackling hence they tend to ask themselves this common question of why does chalk paint crackle? There are many reasons as to why the chalk paint may result onto a crackle.
Firstly, if the furniture in which you have placed or applied the chalk point is old then you are most likely to face this is problem. This is because in old furniture and home appliances there is likely to be the presence of small cracks which at the end of the day may grow to even more bigger cracks. It is important to take care of this cracks before you use the chalk paint for you to get good results thereafter.
Second is the application of chalk paint on dirty furniture. Most of us may be ignorant to the fact of cleaning our furniture before we apply paint on the same. Note that this in the long run may result to the chalk paint that you have applied having cracks. It is ironical that I would go ahead and apply chalk paint to furniture that even contains cobwebs and at the end of the end of the day ask ourselves why does chalk paint crackle.
Third reason is the inducement of the crackle with a purpose. Most of the artist especially those who deal with painting may induce cracks on the chalk paint while applying it. This is intentional in giving the art or furniture the old or aging look that they need it to have. To do this all you got to do is to apply the chalk paint then immediately use a hairdryer to make it dry. You will be surprised that the presence of cracks is likely to be seen immediately.
The countering of this problem is very simple and involves some few steps according to the nature of the crack.
For instance if the chalk paint has crackled since there is an opening on the furniture it is important to seal the cracks or openings first before you actually apply the chalk paint. You can try the use of wood glue for small cracks and if the crack is very big then you can consider the input of a professional carpenter so that you do not end up making this worse. By sealing the cracking on your furniture then you will prevent crackles in future and your furniture will always look new.
Also it is important to perform thorough cleaning to your furniture before you apply the chalk paint. By cleaning it is not only by water. You can use oil based lacquer to eradicate the small stains on your furniture. In line with this if your furniture contains some drawings or writings then you can use a sand paper to wipe everything clean.
This might be a tedious process but it is important to ensure that your chalk paint is more efficient. This will prevent you from asking the question of why does chalk paint crackle in future.
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