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We moved into our house two years ago and ever since I have wanted to redo the countertops in our kitchen. They are just a plain off white color and not very interesting. I looked into it and I would really like to have chalk paint countertops. I think it would make the kitchen pop and would be a really good change for us. 
I really love the look of these types of countertops and I think they would look good in our home. I talked to my husband about it and he agreed it would be a good choice for us to make. Now we need to decide where to buy our paint, what shade we want and when we want to get started on it. We need to get everything figured out soon.
We want to do it when my husband has a few days off of work. That will work best because it will give us enough time to do it. I don’t want to have to do it all by myself. I would need someone else to help me with it. I also would need someone else in the house to help keep the kids away from the counters while we are working on them.
One of the benefits to having chalk paint countertops is that you can write on them. I think I would love to write out my favorite quotes or even the start to our shopping list. We could use the counter by the fridge for this when we realize we are out of something. It would make life a little easier when it comes to figuring out what we need to buy at the store.

We already have a nice sized chalkboard in the kid’s playroom. I love that because I enjoy writing something new on it every morning. It is apart of my routine and I think I would enjoy having the ability to do that in the kitchen as well. I think it would make life a lot easier. 
The hardest part of creating chalk paint countertops is that we have a lot of countertops so it is going to take a while. We need to make sure we have the time to do it so that it is done well. I do not want to have to rush through anything because we just have too much space.
My husband thinks we can get it done in two days but I am not sure about that. I told him that three days would be best so we would have a little bit of extra time. In the end he agreed that we could block off three days for the project.
We still need to figure out how many gallons of paint we need to create our chalk paint countertops. We should find out how much paint will cover each counter and go from there. We also need to account for a 2nd coat as well as any top coat we might want to use.
I have a friend who knows a lot about paint that I am going to meet with about this. I know she will be able to tell me more about how much we should get. We don’t want to get too much but we also don’t want to not get enough and run into issues because of it. We need to be able to get the right amount the first time we go to the store.
In general I do like to paint. I have repainted our bedroom as well as the kid’s rooms. It took me a few days but I am so glad I took the time to do it so that everything looks the way that I like. I wasn’t a fan of the plain white walls that came with the house. I had to change them to the colors I loved right away.
After we finish this project I would really like to look into painting our front door. I have been looking around the internet at ideas and I think I would really like to have a teal door. I think it would go well with the rest of our house and teal is one of my favorite colors. I hope that my husband will agree with me on that color choice for the door.
Once we do finish the counters I would like to have all of my friends over to show them off. My friends and I always like to do this once we change something in our home. We host a party to show everyone else what we have done. Sometimes it is something small and other times it is a bigger project.
Some people might say that this is bragging but we don’t feel that way about it. Since we all are able to do things with our home it only makes sense to share that with everyone. Plus it is a good excuse to get together and enjoy some good food.
I plan to have a small area for my kids to write on with chalk as well. I think they would enjoy that and would help them be more creative. They can take turns creating pictures and sharing them with us. 
There is so much you can do with something painted in chalk paint. It really is perfect for someone who is creative and likes to change things around all of the time. It is also a really nice look for certain homes. I happen to be a very big fan of it. 
I hope that our project goes well and that we are able to figure out all the supplies that we need. I am hoping the paint goes on the counter well and we do not run into any issues. I don’t want to end up making a mistake and not knowing how to fix it. I think if we do a little bit more research into that type of paint it will work out just fine.
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