Best Chalkboard Paint Ideas – Great for Any Home


Chalkboard paint has many great uses for any home. It can be good for kid’s rooms, the kitchen, an office, or really about any room in the house. But, what is the best chalkboard paint for these kinds of uses? Is there really a difference between the brands? We will look at these questions and more in this article.

Many smart home owners will want to have the best tool for any job. This only makes sense, as it can make life a whole lot easier than having to deal with inferior things. The best tools simply work better and cause you a lot less headaches. The same thinking applies to chalkboard paint as well. The best chalkboard paint will apply better, work better, and last longer. This is especially true of things that can receive regular wear and tear like chalkboard paint will. You will definitely want a brand of paint that will last you for years.

Really, any of the major brands produce top quality paints. What will separate the best chalkboard paint from the rest is how well it suits your needs. For example, if you want to have the easiest clean up, you will want to ensure that you pick a paint that can clean up with water. All of the major manufacturers will make a version of chalkboard paint that will clean up with water. However, if you want the toughest and longest lasting finish, you may want to go with an oil based paint. While they are generally a little more of a headache to apply and clean up after, they generally are much longer lasting. They also take longer to dry. This is important, because you should definitely wait until the paint has cured properly before writing on it.

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The best chalkboard paints also come with many options as well. Color wise, you can get the standard green or black colors that are in use in schools all over. Many top brands also have a version that you can get tinted to whatever color you could want. Another common feature that people want in their chalkboard paint is to have a magnetic working version. These kinds have particles in them that will allow common kitchen magnets to attach themselves to the paint like it was a refrigerator door. This is a very handy option for being able to keep notes or important papers near your messages you write yourself.

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