Vibrant Annie Sloan Colors

Annie Sloan chalk paints can be used to give furniture or accessories a vintage or old-world look. This paint, which dries with a matte finish, can be thinned with water or distressed to add to the well-worn look, making it ideal for shabby chic decor.
Many people focus on soft colors such as white, pale blue or pink when they think of chalk paint. However, it also comes in rich, vibrant shades as well. Using these colors is a fun way to add a bold look to an otherwise boring room. Here are some of the most vibrant Annie Sloan colors that you may want to consider:
Emperor's Silk
If you are a fan of bold, fire-engine red, Emperor's Silk is the color for you. This highly saturated shade of red is ideal for creating a focal point in a room. Try painting a dresser or other large piece of furniture with this color to create a truly show-stopping point of interest in your room. Alternatively, you can use it to paint smaller accessories such as picture frames or wall-mounted mirrors to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space.
Florence is a breathtaking teal color that is rich and saturated. When added to furniture, it creates a dazzling look that can add a ton  of visual interest to your space. If you want to give the piece a more aged look, you can also go over Florence with a coat of dark wax. This helps bring out the richness of the color, while at the same time giving it a slightly distressed look.
Napoleonic Blue
If you love vibrant cobalt blue, you are definitely going to be a fan of Napoleonic Blue. This beautiful saturated shade of blue looks amazing on everything from dressers to tables and nightstands. For the biggest pop of color, use it full strength. To tone it down a little, try diluting it with water or covering it with dark wax.
Antibes Green
This gorgeous shade of green is extremely bright and vibrant. It is a bit like bringing a touch of springtime into your home. You can use it to brighten up an otherwise boring space, or to add small pops of color anywhere that you need them. However you use it, it can help your space feel fresh and inspired.
English Yellow
English Yellow is a bit like sunshine in a paint can. This paint can liven up any space, instantly making it feel more cheerful and welcoming. Whether you use it to create a strong focal point by painting a large piece of furniture, or just use it to add small bits of unexpected color in a drab or uninteresting room, this bright, cheery shade of yellow can be a fun way to make your home feel more lively and exciting.
These are some of the most bright and vibrant Annie Sloan colors. Have fun playing around with them to see which one looks the best in your space.

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