Working On A Chalk Paint Countertops Project

I decided I was going to work on some projects during my week off from work. I will start with the chalk paint countertops projects I would like to work on. I have two different countertops I would like to paint with chalkpaint.
I decided to do this after seeing it being done at a friend's house. I was wanting to do something with my counters and then when I saw what my friend had done I decided that would be what I would want to do. I talked it over with my husband and he told me to go ahead with it.
My first step in my chalk paint countertops projects is to pick out the paint. I need to figure out what would work best and what I would want to use. There are a lot of choices out there and I am not sure what color would look best.
I will be going to the store to look for a while and I hope that I can figure out what I want to get once I do. I have a few colors in mind but I am not sure if they will be right. I really need to spend a lot of time thinking about it. 
After I buy the paint I will need to plan which counter I am going to paint first. One is in the kitchen and one is in my bathroom. I think starting with the kitchen could work best since it is more public.
I plan to paint for a few days and then make sure everything looks the way that I want it to. I hope that I can paint well and that the counters will look right when I am done. I would hate to mess things up.
After I am finished with the projects I plan to take a couple of photos and then share them online so my friends can see. I would also like to help them get started in their own projects if they would like to do something similar.
It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do so I thought I could help others in their homes too. I enjoy planning and it can be a lot of fun. Then I am using my creativity without having to spend a lot of my own money.
I am usually working on some type of project in my home. I enjoy it and don't mind spending my weekends on it. I find myself getting into my projects and it allows me to let go of the stress for the week.
I hope that my counters look good and that my friends like them. I am spending a lot of time on these projects and I would hate for them not to work out the way I would like them to. It is hard to know how a project will turn out until you are done with it.

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