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Annie Sloan is well-known for her chalk paintings that have charmed an entire world. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money only to have a desk or a cupboard decorated with her artwork. Others want to learn her secrets and replicate such artwork themselves.
For all of them, there are lots of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Amazon books and lots of furniture pieces decorated in her unique style. However, you need to be careful what you choose, so that you can make the most out of your purchase. If you are interested in colour recipes for painted furniture, there’s a whole book talking exactly about that, so you should order it in the first place. 
If, on the contrary, you’d rather find out more about quick and easy paint transformations, you can learn all these secrets from this other Annie Sloan chalk paint Amazon book which costs only $13.95. This is a small price taking into consideration the skills you can gain after reading the book and after assimilating the knowledge inside it.
You can also learn how to create a French look, so that your interiors get in the center of attention of all your friends and other guests. Briefly, everything you want to know about chalk paint and other decorative paint effects, you can discover from her books.  
You can use this kind of inspiration for creating exquisite interiors without having to invest a lot of money and time. You can easily improve your skills by practicing first on simple items and only after you master this art, move on to redecorating and painting whole rooms and even the entire house. 
You are also going to learn what tools you need and what kind of materials and consumables are the best, in order to give your artwork the perfect touch you are after. However, you should posses some artistic talents, otherwise it’s going to be hard for you to equal such masters of interior decoration. If you have absolutely no drawing and painting skills, you may be better off with buying Annie Sloan’s art and be happy to display it in your house. You can find it on Amazon, as well as at many other retailers. 
The main thing you have to keep in mind when buying such pieces of furniture is that they need to match the style of your interiors, otherwise you may not be very happy with your result. If you have raw oak furniture or some elegant and modern pieces, you shouldn’t probably choose a white, painted desk, even if it looks simply amazing. Everything in a room should match the overall style, as all elements contribute equally to creating a certain atmosphere. This is why some interiors are charming, yet you can’t explain how this effect is achieved. Those homeowners know for sure the hidden secrets of matching and mixing furniture, carpets and paints for creating a stunning effect each and every time.
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