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Seeing all of the great Annie Sloan finished products plastered all over Pinterest and Instagram is one thing, but as a rookie in this paint with Chalk paint idea, you may feel a little intimidated. So, here are some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ideas for beginners.

Step number one is to choose the item that you wish to paint. So let’s say we choose a small telephone table with two drawers in the front. The finish is a maple-like finish, with a varnished look, but it is run down and definitely needs lots of help.

The next step is to get all of the supplies together, so a trip to an Annie Sloan stockist is advised, or if one is not near you, they are as close as the internet, and they ship.

Assume you have an Annie Sloan stockist near you in a major metropolitan city that is within driving distance, so you take a quick snapshot of your table, and head on over to the paint shop. The proprietor is very knowledgeable, looks at your picture of the table, and has some suggestions, but asks you a lot of questions about the rest of the room, wall colors, drapery colors, etc.

After a few minutes of visiting, the proprietor puts together a list of supplies for you to take home. All told the cost totals are a little under $110, but you feel confident about what you are about to do, as the store owner gave you a good detailed procedure to follow from cleaning your table to painting, finishing up and adding the finishing touch of the wax.

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As you are painting, you find the paint goes on very thick, so you have to watch and thin it out. If it gets too thick, you can add some water and you will be good to go. The paint odor is very faint, which is a good thing, and when the painting is done, dried and waxed, the table looked great.

Waxing and buffing table made it really look great, as if it had been done professionally.

The key to the success of the project was the initial care and knowledge of the proprietor, or the stockist, as Annie Sloan’s store owners are called.

If you are new to fixing up old furniture, or anything else for that matter, just dive in to the Annie Sloan experience. You will find great  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ideas for beginners, or for anyone else, by just going to one of the Stockist stores, or go online, for that matter.

If you have any old piece of furniture, objects, or just something interesting, the stockists are hand picked and specially trained by Annie Sloan, so that ideas flow like water.

It was once said that “Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the person who puts those ideas into practice is priceless.” That is a true statement for Annie Sloan and her stockists and the paints, because all you have to do is get started.

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