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Annie Sloan is an Australian born classical fine artist turned well known chalk paint inventor located in Oxford, England. Her marvelous paint that is used for decorating everything is easy to use and refurbish everything from rooms, walls, furniture and any other object that is worth a new look.
The paint itself is designed by special formula by Annie Sloan herself and the colors are also put together her as well. The problem with most commercial paints, according to Annie, is that they are difficult to mix well, coming out as muddy.
Not to worry there, as Annie, a trained classical fine artist, as well as an accomplished professional interior designer, has designed the paint and the colors so they mix exceptionally well.
The paint itself makes projects extremely easy to navigate as it needs no primer or undercoat, sanding or any of those types of procedures, and is ready go on just about any clean surface. It is water based and dries in a very short time.
Annie named her paint “Chalk Paint” because of its matt, an almost chalky finish. It does not have any chalk added to it, but the finish appears somewhat chalky. According to Annie, and now millions of others, it is the ideal paint for refurbishing furniture and other decorative items.
Now people in central Oklahoma can take advantage of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint brand in Edmond. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond OK branch is up and running on Broadway, and already excited customers are actively buying and using the brand.
The uniqueness of the paint is one thing, but the expertise that goes along with it is another thing. Annie Sloan only permits certain people the opportunity of opening one of her stores, in that they must pass muster win regard to their interest and background in people skills and decorative interest.
In Edmond, OK, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can be found at the Le Trouve market, located at 100 N. Broadway, Suite 160, Edmond, OK 73034. Here you will find warm and helpful people who really know their stuff. Not only do you get the paint, you get lots of great ideas about how to use it and on what.
There are classes and seminars available along with loads of literature and “how to’s” that are priceless. Once you get involved with this product and all that goes along with it, your mind will start to race when you think of everything you have that needs to be redone.
With the Annie Sloan method there are endless videos and material with ideas most of us have never dreamed of for redecorating and making over the old to a stunning new and exciting look.
If you attend any of the training sessions you will also be amazed at how many of the other participants have already picked up new ideas too. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond OK store is a place where anyone who is interested in an easy way to make old furniture look like a million dollars, needs to stop in to the Edmond store and get started.
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