Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Is It Any Good For The Price?


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Though we’ve only recently started talking about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it has been around for more than 20 years. The reason for this sudden burst of interest in the product is the need for more Shabby Chic furniture. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new shabby pieces, with a bit of effort, any homeowner can transform their existing furniture into something more trendy.

Why paint something you own a shade of pastel? The problem with old furniture is that oftentimes, it wasn’t well taken care of. The finish may be chipped and worn, the surface may also contain gouge marks. What ASCP can do for you is take a trashed piece of furniture and breathe new life into it. The milky colors give it that French country look which is very much a popular decorating choice.

You will find that this type of chalk paint yields a great number of benefits. The first thing you need to consider is that there are literally hundreds of great colors you can choose from. It is also possible to purchase different shades of the same color, which is perfect for accents on your furniture or to use it with a number of distressing techniques.

If you hate painting furniture because you need to sand and prime the original finish, you’re going to love Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. It is non-latex based, and it contains special ingredients that make priming your furniture completely obsolete. Just having a decent finish to work with is enough to slap on the paint to your liking.

For furniture you want to distress in a Shabby Chic manner, you can use a normal paintbrush with soft bristles. However, if you want to achieve a mirror smooth finish on your furniture, you will need to use a small foam roller. To give it a distressed look, you can use fine grit sandpaper to scratch the corners that would normally see the most wear. To give you a good idea of how to distress, look for finished pieces in the Shabby Chic category.

Now, we must advise you with a quick word of caution. As great as ASCP is, after the paint has dried, the surface of your furniture will still remain porous. Not only that, but the painted surface is prone to attracting dust and displaying smudges and fingerprints. To circumvent this problem, use a furniture wax to seal the top off. This can ensure that you get years of use out of your new piece, and you can easily wipe off messes without needing to worry that you’re damaging the wood.

At first glance, Annie Sloan’s paint may seem like an expensive deal, but you have to consider that not only are you getting real quality, but you can cover plenty of surface area with one can. Since the coverage is so good, you needn’t go over the same area several times like you would with latex paints. Overall, chalk paint is well worth.

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