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Chalk paint from Le Trouve Edmond Ok gives the appearance of distressed furniture and walls. In order to paint so that you get the best effect you have to put in some work because good results require good efforts.

Chalk paint is primarily used on furniture to make it look more distressed and to create a more time-worn image which is very popular about now in the interior decoration atmosphere.

The paint comes in about 27 different colors and can be mixed together and blended as well, and it is a very easy process and easy to learn.

First of all you will have to properly prepare the surface of the item that you are going to paint by thoroughly cleaning it. Old surfaces are notoriously dusty, grimy and dirty, and can be difficult to clean thoroughly. Use a soft cloth to get the dust off, and then a slightly damp rag to rub off the dirt. If you come to a particularly difficult spot, sand it a bit and take it off that way. Then you will make a rough spot with some pores, which makes for an interesting effect when you paint it.

The paint that is to be used is most likely going to be the Annie Sloan Chalk paint from Le Trouve Edmond Ok, as this paint has the reputation of helping to make the older and more period furniture more interesting and eclectic looking. Also be sure that you have the proper tools such as you sand paper, the proper brushes, and enough paint for the first coat of paint, and several more layers.

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Next you will want to paint a foundation coat that will be the undercoating which normally is a white color. This will keep the color of the final layer of paint so that the furniture color will not affect the color of the final coat.

Once the first coat of foundation color has been applied, then it comes time to apply the coat of paint with the color that you want the furniture piece to be. Apply the color with a brushing in one direction, and then, after it dries, paint in a crossed direction for the next coat.

These two layers will help fill the cracks and fill in when there are any spaces. The second and third coats are made with the chalk paint in lesser concentrations, so that the application will be easier. Take your time and let each layer dry very thoroughly before you begin the next coat.

One big advantage of chalk paint, in addition to its allure as a distressed finish is its low impact on the environment. It does not leave the area with a “paint smell” and it dries fairly quickly.

The application of the paint is done in slow deliberate brush strokes, and you will get a very thorough and even coat, which is then easy to manipulate and make it look any way you wish in a distressed final look.

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