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Chalk painting is pretty popular, especially among those crafty and artistic enough to redo furniture and paint their walls themselves. Painting with chalk paint is not very complicated and you can find methods and ideas if you do an online search. It is also not difficult to find the paint. There is the chalk paint Home Depot or other improvement stores sell. You can even make it yourself, although some of the ingredients may be difficult to find, depending on where you live. Some artistic types just love chalk paint, especially to refurbish old furniture. Chalk paint is available in many different colors, so you do not have to go with simple black or white. You can redo furniture or a wall to complement whatever color theme you have. 

Why Choose Chalk Paint

There are several reasons to use chalk paint, especially if you are redoing an old piece of furniture. First, chalk paint requires little to no sanding of the furniture. This can be important if you are attempting to redo a piece of furniture in your garage or on your porch. When you work with latex paint, most of the time it requires quite a bit of sanding to get the furniture prepared. While sanding, especially if you are using an electric sander, you can create a lot of dust and end up with a thick layer all over your garage or porch. Chalk paint does not require all this sanding. You may want to do a bit by hand if you are trying to create a distressed look, but other than that, you will not need to sand anything. 

Using chalk paint allows you to make mistakes and get away with them. The look of chalk paint is supposed to be distressed, so if you make a mistake, just go over it quickly with a hand sander or piece of sandpaper and then touch it up. There is no need to worry about drips, smudges, etc. You just sand them away. The good thing about distressing furniture is that it is not supposed to be perfect. 

The Benefits Of Painting With Chalk Paint

There are also many different color choices when it comes to chalk paint. Most of the popular brands of chalk paint have a great selection which is already chosen to look wonderful on any piece of furniture. You can also find charts to mix and match the paints so they complement each other and the rest of your decor. 

While the paint is a bit more expensive than latex, it also goes much farther. You can generally do two coats on a moderate sized piece of furniture with just a 1/4 of a can. 

There are also many different ways to work with chalk paint to get different looks and results. You can dilute it with water to use as a wash if you want to show the grain of the wood. You can put it on as an impasto which is very thick to create a different look. It can be used on almost any surface, interior or exterior and there is no need to prepare or prime the surface. 

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Chalk paint is very flexible and allows for you to change your mind. This is especially good for those creative people who are constantly thinking of different designs and ideas. 

If you like, you can make your own chalk paint although it can be difficult finding some of the necessary ingredients such as calcium carbonate. Other ingredients can be expensive and some are just hard to mix together (think plaster of Paris and unsanded grout). It also requires you to wear a mask when mixing the ingredients, so it may be simpler just to buy the chalk paint Home Depot sells. 

Most chalk paints are very low in volatile organic compounds, although it is always a good idea to check. These VOCs can be toxic, causing liver damage and headaches. They include different chemicals and can truly cause damage to your health if they are breathed in. It is best to look for the 100 percent natural chalk paint Home Depot sells and not purchase any which contain VOCs. 

Chalk paint also allows the walls to breathe, making it a great choice for small rooms or areas. The paint also washes off with water and doesn’t form a skin in the can if you forget and leave the lid off. If you do this, just add a bit of water to thin the paint for use. 

Working With Chalk Paint

One of the best projects for chalk paint is to create a chalkboard wall for your kids’ room or your kitchen or any place where you might want to jot a quick note. This chalkboard will be fully erasable and doesn’t have to be the traditional black. This is an easy project and can be fun for everyone in the family. 

Prepare The Surface

First, select a spot for your chalkboard. Clean the surface thoroughly and make any necessary repairs. Be sure to remove any nails or hooks and fill in the holes. There should be no need to prime the area, although metal surfaces should be lightly sanded. 

Tape It Off

Using painter’s tape, mark off the area of the chalkboard. 

Paint It On

Using a roller or a brush, apply the chalk paint to the marked off area. It is best to use a short-nap roller or a nylon and polyester brush. 

Allow the chalk paint to cure for at least three days before attempting to write on it. This will help ensure it has properly set and will last. Before you write on the chalk wall, rub white chalk over the entire area, then wipe it off. 

Most of the chalk paint Home Depot sells recommends not using a chalkboard eraser on chalk paint. Instead, use a damp paper towel or a damp, clean rag. It is also recommended to use chalk designed for chalkboards. This helps reduce any possible residue on the chalk wall. 

Creating a project with chalk paint can be fun. It is important to pick the right surface and allow the chalk paint to cure before using.

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