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If you are just like most people, you’re probably wondering where and how you can buy Annie Sloan chalk paint. But the truth is that nothing could be easier. The only thing you really need to do is to go to Google and type in “buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint online UK” in the search bar.
If that sounds like you need to type too many words in the search bar, you can just copy and paste “buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint online uk” – that’s the smart thing to do. 
You might be wondering what makes Annie Sloan paints different from other paint brands. It’s different in that it is a brand of high-end paints that you can use on your furniture. IF you prefer matte finish over lacquered one, you should go get yourself from some colors from Annie Sloan. You have many choices in terms of color and the only thing you need to do is mix them and paint them on your furniture. 
Where can you buy Annie Sloan online in the United Kingdom? Well, if you did some research on Google, you already know that there are many DIY paint stores that carry this brand. But if you ask, we think that the best place to buy them is on the official Annie Sloan website on
A 100 ml container costs 6.45 GBP while one liter costs 18.95 GBP. If you think it’s expensive, it is, especially when you consider that there are other, albeit lesser known paint brands that are cheaper.
However, we like to think that in life, you only get what you pay for. And as far as Annie Sloan paints are concerned, you get paint that does not any prep work to apply. 
Annie Sloan actually offers two types of paints, chalk decorative paint and wall paint. For most surfaces, you only need to thick and thick the paint according to your needs. For wall paints, you don’t need to finish them with wax.
IF you want some design ideas using Annie Sloan paint, you should head out to the official website and check out the pages there for some information.
There are also DIY blogs that you can search for in order to find ideas on mixing and matching colors, and using and applying the paint. You need to read blogs on the colors because there are many colors you can choose from.
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