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There are many things that influence the colors we choose for different painting needs in the home or when doing decorative art. However, if you have had a painting project go wrong, then you probably understand the frustration that comes with choosing paint type after another and not finding any that quite suits your needs. Well, this is the exact problem that pushed one great artist to come up with the annie sloan colour chart 2016, a product that is transforming people’s experience with the use of paint. Here are tips that can help you choose the ideal shade for your needs.
What Do You Need The Color For? 
This is the very first question you need to ask yourself when choosing the color is the particular purpose. This is because different projects will need different paint types. For instance, the paint you will use on say a wall in the house is completely different from the paint type that you will use to repaint the old hammock on your porch. Take time and learn about the characteristics that make a paint type suitable for a particular purpose. For instance, you will find that paint that is meant to be used for wood will have additives that preserve the wood from aphids, mites and termites. On the other hand, the paint that is specifically meant for walls in the home will have additives that will make the wall waterproof. This means that applying paint that is meant for wood on a wall will be a huge mess.
Is It The First Time The Surface Is Being Painted?
The good thing about painting a room for the first time is the fact that it is a clean slate to get creative with. In this case, your only worry will be choosing a color that will blend in with the general theme that you have for your décor. On the other hand, if you feel like you may have made a mistake with choosing the colors on an earlier painting project, you will need to think about the ability of the new color to completely mask the older one. In case you are thinking about going for a shade that will not completely mask the old one, and then you have to organize for the extra task of stripping the old color off the walls first. 
What Effect Will The Paint Have On The Environment?
The other thing you need to think about is the possible effects the paint brand you are choosing will have on the environment. Despite the stringent standards that have been put in place to test the chemical compounds being used in the manufacture of paint, there are still products that contain lead and benzene among other harmful products. Before you buy the product, ensure that it is safe for you, because you will be inhaling those fumes on the daily, and also to the environment in general. 
The greatest thing about products from annie sloan colour chart 2016 is that they are cheap, easy to use and environmental friendly.
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