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One of the ways of improving the appearance of your furniture and at the same time ensuring its longevity is painting it. Now, for those of you who are not experienced users of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond OK, you can achieve more magnificent furniture transformation by just following the below tips and tricks.

Choose Your First Victim Furniture Piece

Start by choosing a furniture piece you not only be able to paint quickly but also that which looks so desperate to be repainted. For instance, you may choose to paint a small hand-me-down hall table that you probably have been using as a hot drink station. Work on it thoroughly to improve its esthetic. You may also want to consider transferring it from your guest room to the main living space so that you and your guests can easily get your drinks on.

Gather Your Supplies

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond OK products are sold via retailers in the US, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and Australia. Find a stockist or retailer near you, and if there isn’t one, you can order the product online as most the stockists ship them.

Some of the supplied that you will probably need for your project are:

  • Quart of Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan: while this is a bit costly, you will be able to save a lot on primers, and you can apply it on quite a vast area.
  • Paint brushes: you can use a plain ole chip brush.  Don’t worry about losing some bristles along the way—which you will—when working with a new chip brush. You can also use Annie Sloan wax brush.
  • Other supplies: you will need a clear soft wax, clean and soft rags, painter’s tape, screwdriver, brown builder’s tape, rubber gloves, plastic knife, and paint can opener

Choose and Prepare An Ideal Workspace

Excellent painting starts with choosing the ideal workspace. An ideal workspace should be air conditioned, has plenty of ventilation as well as has  adequate natural light. A number of things that you should consider when choosing the proper space are:

  • Ventilation: for the sake of your health, you should have windows wide open, and fans running to move the air during the drying time and especially if you are using a small work space. You should keep the fan off while painting. Since you are using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond ok that non-toxic, low odor, as well as has low VOCs, you may not have to worry so much about the strong fumes.
  • Temperature: it is recommendable to use a temperature controlled workspace. According to painting experts, you should work at room temperature condition. You should also make sure that there isn’t any dust landing on your piece while the paint is drying.
  • Protecting the floor: use brown builder’s and painter’s tape to protect the floor against paint drips.
  • Light: while natural light may be adequate,extra lamps may be needed just in case the project last into the night.    

Prepare and Clean Your Furniture Piece

First clean your furniture piece with warm, soapy water. To prepare your piece for painting, remove any removable components like shelve, drawers, and hardware. Sand any rough patches; however, you may not need to sand the entire piece when using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond OK.

Take out any sticky gunk with warm water and soap. If there be any holes, fill them with wood glue. 

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Apply Your First Coat Of Chalk Paint

Mix your paint properly using a wooden paint stirrer. Apply section by section starting with the back legs of a table—if you are working on a table—to get the rhythm.

Applying the second coat of Chalk Paint

Once your are sure the that your first coat of paint has dried, then you are ready to swing that paint brush for the second coat of paint.  As your paint dries off, you realize the heavy strokes from the brush disappearing, leaving a smooth finish.

Clean Your Paint Brushes

Taking care of something is a principle deemed true; as it increases the lifespan and ensures future use while still in the best quality. It may seem like a waste of time, but the results are worthwhile.This could mean that having the same work to do again, will save you on the cost you would have had to purchase a new paint brush.

Sealing Of The Paint Using The Annie Sloan Soft Wax

This is done on the piece of furniture to ensure that it is protected and hardened by the seal. This step seems hard but once to try it, you start looking forward to the entire process.

Distress Your Piece

This can be done by rubbing across the sections of the piece of furniture that would naturally get distressed like the edges, corners, wooden knobs, top or the detailing protrusions. This should be carried out preferably after waxing the furniture using your hand. Remember, using a damp cloth or a dry brush to dust off your sanding.

Adding Another Layer Of Wax On The Tabletop

It is advisable to ensure that you apply two or even three layers of wax on your piece of furniture to ensure that the finishing is superb, and the results are worthwhile. But in-between each application of wax, it is important to wait for around  24 hours for the wax to be completely dry.

Cleaning Your Wax Brush

After another session of wax application, it is advisable to clean your wax brush using odorless mineral spirit and after that rinse it thoroughly using warm soapy water. This will work magic on your wax brush as it will come out as soft as it was.

Buffing Your Piece

This can only take place after a 24 hour dry of the wax brush, where you are required to use a clean, soft cloth and move it across the brush. After a while, your brush will have a glossy, shiny look.

Installing Your Hardware Into The Furniture

This is that moment where you get creative in the entire process as you finish up. You can install new hardware’s that are appealing to the eye and make the whole process interesting and worthwhile.

Those are steps to follow when applying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Edmond OK. For more painting tips and advice, consult a professional painter near you.

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