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When Annie Sloan started her paint company, she wanted a type of paint that could be used for varying interchangeable reasons. Most paints are designed for specific reasons and purposes, and Annie wanted to overlap all of the purposes and come up with one kind of paint that would be able to cover just about every surface very well.
The paint that she invented made her famous, the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, that is now sold world wide on the internet and from her over 1,400 retail outlets called stockists. Her paint can be applied to multiple surfaces, and has become well known for its beautiful, smooth velvety surface and matte finish.
Another pet peeve that she had was that in many of the commercial paints that were available, the colors were un-mixable. Annie comes from a fine arts background, as that was her field of study at University. So she went back at it again and came up with a blend of colors that can be used, mixed and blended with one another so that very pleasing results would be the outcome.
Then what she did was to organize her own paint color chart so that the users of her paint could see and compare the colors. Her Annie Sloan Color Chart 2016 is the most recent one and it is the perfect tool to assist customers who are purchasing her paint to get the right colors for their project.
The Annie Sloan Color Chart 2016 gives the customer a better look at what colors go with which other colors to make that perfect blend when accenting or adding secondary colors to a desk, a wall or any type project. Most of us don’t see colors like Annie does, who is also a professional interior designer herself.
If you are going to paint a desk for example, and you want to accent the edges of the desk, what color should you use to make your desk as good as it can be? Just go to Annie’s color chart and you will have your answer. What color should you paint the room if you have painted the dining room chairs a certain color? Once again, go to the color chart.
When you see the colors on Annie’s paint chart, these are actual representations of the actual swatch of paint, not some representative color that comes from a printer. Annie feels that it is important that the customer see the actual hue of the color before making decisions on what will or what won’t work on a project. 
Color is what makes our eyes take in the scope of the entire room, and the colors should form a harmony that says without words, “this is right.”
When Annie lays out her colors, they are presented in a manner similar to a color wheel, where the colors and their opposites are more clearly seen, and thus easier to estimate how they will appear in the overall scheme with your total project.
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