Chalkboard Magnetic Paint – Great Place for Creative Fun

Chalkboard paint is becoming more and more popular in homes all over. It is great for kid’s rooms in any home. It is also handy for many other areas around the house as well. Now, you can have chalkboard magnetic paint by using a magnetic primer, then using chalkboard paint on top. The process is rather straight forward but there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s look at the options now.
Chalkboard magnetic paint is usually a blend of these two kinds of paints. The magnetic primer is applied to provide the ability to attract magnets. Then the chalkboard paint is used to allow for the proper use of chalk on the surface. These two in combination ca add a lot of utility to many rooms in any home. There are many uses for such a surface, and they can be handy in several rooms for several purposes.
Magnetic primer is a special kind of primer that has the ability to attract magnets. Contrary to what many people believe, there is no lead found in these paints. It is not lead that is the reason that this paint can attract magnets. Lead is toxic and will be avoided by any reputable company producing paint. It is in fact iron that is added to the primer to make it attract magnets. Very fine iron particles are added to the primer. Applying the primer is done in the normal way, but it is very important that the primer be mixed thoroughly otherwise the iron will simply settle in the bottom of the paint. Once you have a coat of primer applied and dried, sand it lightly to smooth it out and reapply. Test the magnetic properties of the paint until you are satisfied with the ability to attract and hold a magnet.

The chalkboard paint is applied in rather the same manner. You apply a coat, let it dry, then sand it down lightly to smooth it out. A few coats are needed to get a nice even coat that will handle regular use well. Once you have these two layers of paint on, you have you magnetic chalkboard paint.
Kids love magnetic chalkboard paint because they can draw what they want on the wall, and also attach magnetic items of any kind to the walls. Those magnetic letters can be used to spell words and then mixed in with chalk drawings for a great place for creative fun.

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