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If you enjoy decorating, renovating or even just restoring some old furniture, then Annie Sloan’s chalk paint is for you. Chalk paint is a unique type of paint that does not utilize any water making it very environmentally-friendly. You may think that paint without water could curdle and become ‘one large clump’; however, this is untrue and the chalk paint is a smooth substance without promoting excessive use of natural resources. It should also be mentioned that this type of paint is virtually odorless making it ideal for projects being completed in restricted space. Now that you know what chalk paint is, you may be wondering where you can purchase this wonder item. This article will provide information on how and where you can make an Annie Sloan chalk paint online purchase.
1. The Annie Sloan Official Website
Due to the growth of the internet, many companies are now promoting both services and products using online websites. The first, and potentially the most convenient, website to use when purchasing this brand of chalk paint is Annie Sloan’s official site. The price of these products is represented using Euros but converting the cost is very simple using an online currency conversion tool. A benefit of using the official site is that you can be assured the chalk paint is authentic and the choice of paint is more diverse. A disadvantage is that the cost may be higher than some secondary purchase websites.
2. eBay
A highly popular website used to purchase all types of items and products is eBay. This auction and sales site offers products from clothing to redecorating products. While the Annie Sloan website may be the most effective option, it is possible to purchase this brand of chalk paint on eBay. An advantage of eBay is that the cost may be lower dependent on the type of paint chosen and the terms and conditions of the seller. A further advantage is the guarantee of delivery, as is required on all eBay offers as a condition of sale. A disadvantage of this option is that the chalk paint may not be as high quality in comparison to a direct purchase; furthermore, you will not have contact with the original seller and if there are complications regarding delivery it is impossible to resolve the issue with an Annie Sloan official support team agent.
3. Blogs And Websites In The Restoration Niche
Blogs and personal websites are highly popular in today’s technologically advanced era.  In previous years, these websites and blogs were utilized as an online diary sharing thoughts with the internet world; however, nowadays people are choosing to begin small businesses within different niches using these site options. It is now possible to purchase different relevant products on these websites.  One advantage of this type of Annie Sloan chalk paint online purchase method is the lower cost of the product. A disadvantage of this option is the lack of delivery guarantee and the possibility that the chalk paint is of low quality.
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