A Beginner’s Guide To The Do’s And Do Not’s Of Chalk Painting Dining Room Tables


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Contemporary society is very stressful because of the ‘rat race’ and increasing amount of responsibilities for almost everyone, but this does not mean you need to be sucked into the stressful environment and land up with an anxiety disorder.  No, there are methods to avoid the dark hole of stress and remain calm, cool and collected. The methods spoken of refer to hobbies and activities that take your mind off any problems you may have. One of these hobbies is furniture restoration which may seem tiresome but can be very calming.  This article will provide information on chalk paint and the different do’s and do not’s associated with its use.

What Is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a type of paint that is used primarily for furniture restoration. It is a substance that provides the same color and texture as traditional paint but without the need for excess water and surface priming; furthermore, the layout of the paint on the furniture presents with a distressed style instead of a full spread.  The most popular brand of chalk paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which can be purchased on her official website.

What Should I Do When Chalk Painting Dining Room Tables?

As is mentioned above there are numerous do’s and do not’s when using any type of chalk paint. The first basic do pertains to the coloring of the furniture.  It may be tempting to become overzealous with the chalk paint and combine all types of colors; however, this is not a recommended behavior.  In order to create an elegant and complementary dining table, it is recommended that you utilize subtle colors that will contrast effectively. It is also advised that you take the color of the wood into account as this can anchor the contrasting paints.



Another ‘do’ to chalk paint projects is to sand the edges of the item slightly. This provides a smoother effect to the edges of the furniture and it contributes to a distressed appearance. The amount of sanding is dependent on the size of the furniture and this must be taken into consideration as too much sanding can result in a dis regulation of different parts of the item.

What Should I Not Do When Chalk Painting Dining Room Tables?

As is aforementioned, it may be tempting to use a plethora of paints but this is not advised. While a combination of numerous colors can be exciting, it is not always suitable for the furniture. This is especially true for a dining room table as many colors can be distracting; whereas, a small amount of complementary colors will be more accommodating and approachable.

In addition to the overzealous painting, it is also recommended that the hand-painted designs be kept to a minimum. In many projects it can be beneficial to paint unique designs on the furniture; however, a large number of designs in different colors can cause a sense of inappropriateness and discomfort.

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