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Mixing colors together never gets old. It does not matter if you are a teacher or a student, there is great joy in blending new colors to make art. If you are interested in seeing what different color combinations make then it is a good idea to checkout this Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours mixing chart. With all blend combinations available to you it will become much more simple for you to figure out how to create the piece of art you wish to make. At the very least the color chart will help you understand what color combinations are available so you can brainstorm new art ideas.
Right now is a good time to look at the different shades of color on the mixing chart. Get a good grasp of what each shade brings out so you can properly depict a good image. The right blend of colors such as red or blue can make all of the difference. For instance, when you are painting the sky a light blue has a more peaceful tone to it than a dark one. Think about the different color combinations and the message you are attempting to portray, it will help you figure out what colors you want to make. 
If all you need is a guide as to the colors available then the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours mixing chart will definitely come in handy. All you have to do is refer back to it to pick a color that best suits you. Think about that because you want to maximize your time and produce the best results for your artwork. A mistake many people make is jumping right into creating a new piece of art without taking the time to review a color chart or a mixture chart and in turn that can really alter the image they meant to create.
Keep in mind every color combination has its limits and is not meant to be an actual representation to perfection. The color mixing chart is meant to serve as a guide. You may press harder or lighter than what is expected and that could drastically alter the way your image looks. Also, the colors here can be blended a great deal but they too are limited. Still, you can definitely make some great pictures with the number of colors here.
Chalk paint is fun to play with so make sure you take the time to enjoy what you are working with. If you are interested in learning about more color combinations then continue your research to see if there are new blends you can create with what is presented here. Many people find great joy in all that art has to offer them. No matter our age there is always time to enjoy the great art we can create. Remember to spend time with your loved ones and to get everyone around to enjoy what all the great art has to offer. Together you and others can create lasting images that will be cherished for many years.
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