Annie Sloan Paint Kitchen Cabinets Can Freshen Up Your Home!


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When it comes to remodeling your home, it’s wise to cut costs whenever possible. Though some homeowners undoubtedly smash the old kitchen cabinets and opt for new ones, why not salvage what you can? Just because a finish on an old set of cabinets looks a bit worn or outdated, it doesn’t mean that they should be cluttering up a landfill. In fact, Annie Sloan paint kitchen cabinets are becoming all the rage!
Chalk paint sold by Annie Sloan is one of the top recommended products that all wise homeowners are using. If you’ve hated using latex or oil paints on furniture, chalk paint is for you! It is virtually mess-free, odorless, non-toxic and very easy to apply.
Many homeowners are usually turned off by the prospect of painting their kitchen cabinets as it’s extremely time-consuming and messy. Fortunately, Annie Sloan paint kitchen cabinets are easy to create without the mess. Chalk paint doesn’t splatter or drip like regular paint, and a little bit goes a long way. All you need is the right brush to dip into the can, and you’re all set!
Zero Prep Work With Annie Sloan
The number one reason to opt for Annie Sloan paint is simply that there’s no prep work involved. Whenever you choose to stain or paint your kitchen cabinets with latex, you need to sand them down and use primers. The difference is that with Annie Sloan’s line of products, you don’t need to do this.
The only thing you need to do before the first coat of paint is to simply wipe down the cabinets to ensure you have a clean surface to work with. Afterward, just apply the chalk paint in even strokes. You need to wait about an hour before the first layer dries, and you can go ahead and apply several more layers. The more layers you have on the cabinets, the smoother the finish will look. The last layer you apply should be furniture wax that can help seal in the paint layers.
Modern And Shabby Cabinets All In One
The great thing about Annie Sloan is that it offers the ability to create the exact look you want in your home. For shabby chic cabinets, you can easily sand the corners of the cabinets to add that rustic appeal. You can also go for a clean or modern look by opting for white or black cabinets. There is a wide range of colors that you can choose from, so regardless of your project, you’re sure to find the colors that are right for you.
Those homeowners that have used Annie Sloan chalk paint to give their cabinets a makeover have been happy with the results thus far. Hardware stores and designers will often push the concept of purchasing new cabinetry, but when your old ones still have good bones, it could just be a waste of money. With a bit of time and energy, you can give your old cabinets a new lease on life!
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