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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has become a household staple in every DIYer’s craft room. It has transformed old pieces of dingy furniture into wonderful shabby chic works of art. Chalk Paint is single-handedly responsible for helping cut down on some of the household waste we put out, and it can help even the pickiest of individuals fall in love with their old furniture once again.
When confronted with an outdated dresser, you don’t have to sell it for pennies on the dollar at a garage sale. Since you can find Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for sale online and offline, you have all the tools you need to transform your furnishings. Apart from the paint itself, it’s advisable to purchase a Purdy paintbrush and of course, the Annie Sloan furniture wax sealer.
Painting furniture used to be an ordeal that we’ve all dubbed the stuff of nightmares. There’s literally nothing more irritating than having to sand, clean, and prep a piece, only to find out that you need to paint seven layers before it looks good. One thing to keep in mind is that Annie Sloan isn’t for everyone. It’s a great paint for those that want a distressed or cottage look, but for those wanting a modern or streamlined finish should shop elsewhere.
The paint is very easy to apply, and doesn’t need priming beforehand. However, if you have stained furniture, you may need to apply a sealer to the piece before applying the light Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Plenty of users have encountered that light AS paint isn’t strong enough to stop the original furniture color from bleeding through. With the right attention to care, however, you should have no problem creating the right piece.
One coat of Chalk Paint isn’t enough to get completely even coverage on your furniture. If you want a completely distressed look, this option may work for you, but if you’re opting for something a bit more sophisticated you will need up to six coats of this type of paint to make the finish work for you. It seems that plenty of AS paint users are at odds when it comes to deciding whether the paint does in fact show brushstrokes after so many layers or it just looks textured. Regardless, if you don’t like textured paint, Annie Sloan may not be for you.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for sale can cost up to $40 give or take, but you’re getting a good deal for your money. A little bit of the paint goes a long way, so that means regardless of the amount of layers you have to paint on your furniture, you can get even coverage on a large piece without wasting an entire can of paint.
The colors are milky in nature and though some have compared them to acrylic paints, they look different. They are easily distressed, and if you don’t take care to seal the paint, you can end up leaving fingerprints or smudges that are impossible to clean.
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