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If you are a crafter or love to redo furniture, chances are you have heard of chalk paint. This is a very popular method of refurbishing old furniture. It is also used to create cool, chalkboard walls as message centers and for kids to use for creative fun. Chalk paint is a special type of paint which makes it easier for crafters and artists to work on old furniture or create focal walls. There is no need for a lot of preparation or priming and the final product is meant to be used. The chalk paint Lowes sells comes in many different colors and there are even charts to help you select paints which will complement your current color scheme. 

Another great benefit of chalk paint is that there are many brands which are completely organic containing no volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs are toxic, so the less you use them the better for everyone, including your family. 

Creativity And Chalk Paint

Chalk paint allows an artist or crafter to start with one plan and then change their minds halfway through the project. This paint is very forgiving and is easily modified to create a different look. This is especially true of using chalk paint on furniture. With regular latex paints, you must be very careful to use consistent brushstrokes and to immediately clean up any drips on the furniture. Not so with chalk paint. In fact, most chalk paint Lowes sells will tell you to use cross-brush strokes to help create that distressed, older furniture look. You can also easily and quickly sand off any drip marks and then just brush over them with a bit of chalk paint. 

No Preparation

Chalk paint does not require you to prepare the furniture by completely sanding off old varnish or stain. If you want to distress one area more than another, you might use a hand sander or a bit of sandpaper to rub that area a bit, but there is no need to get out the electric sander and take a piece of furniture down to bare wood. The biggest benefit of this is that you will not be creating inches of dust that must later be cleaned up. As long as your area is properly vented,  you can use chalk paint to redo furniture almost anywhere. 

Chalk Paint And Children

When it comes to creating interesting walls in your home, chalk paint is great. You can paint an entire wall in your child’s room and they can use chalk to create pictures, erase them, and then create more. It is a great way to save your other walls from crayon drawings. You can also create chalk walls at a child’s eye level on walls or under the counter where they can draw pictures and write words and keep occupied while you are close by in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house. 

Speaking of the kitchen, many of us have  message center where we put up grocery lists, jot down phone messages, or leave emergency information. Using chalk paint, you can create a message center right on the wall or even the refrigerator. Chalk paint can be used just about anywhere and can be used as soon as it cures, typically about three days. 

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Other Uses For Chalk Paint

Chalk paint can be used indoors and outdoors to create murals or decorate. It can be used to paint old wood furniture and give it a new lease on life. You can use chalk paint to paint concrete floors in a rainbow of colors or in different designs. It is also possible to create a wash of chalk paint and use it to bring out the natural grain of the wood. 

There are at least 27 different colors of chalk paint Lowes sells and it is easy to choose colors which contrast or complement each other. Chalk paint is also easy to blend to create custom colors which will match your color scheme perfectly. 

Creating With Chalk Paint

You can find many tutorials and videos online and even take classes when you buy chalk paint Lowes sells. There are many different projects where chalk paint provides the perfect solution. 

If you have a piece of old furniture, you can use chalk paint to help bring out the details of the molding or create a fashionable distressed look. 

You can also use chalk paint to create that old, chipped look that is so popular with vintage furniture. Use one color of chalk paint as the base and then another on top. Then gently sand or chip away in various places to reveal the color underneath. This provides your furniture with a vintage, time-worn appearance. 

Use chalk paints to create a wall where your children or other family members can draw and write. Leave messages or a thought for the day and then easily erase them with a damp cloth and start over the next day. Creating a chalkboard wall can be especially nice if you homeschool your children. You can run entire lessons using the wall in your classroom. It also helps save paper, reduces clutter, and decreases the chance a message will be lost when you have a chalk wall message center. 

Environmentally Friendly

When you are searching for chalk paint, be sure and read the label to ensure it does not contain VOCs. These are toxic and can cause hard to internal organs or painful headaches if the fumes are breathed in. Chalk paints without VOCs do not produce the toxic fumes and will not negatively impact your home’s interior air quality. If you or anyone in your family is prone to migraine headaches, chalk paint can be the best way to decorate or redo furniture. It is also good to use around anyone who is sensitive to smells. 

Creating a unique home interior with chalk paint can be fun. All it takes is a little time and effort and you will find yourself with some of the prettiest old furniture anywhere. Creating your own style with chalk paint will bring out the artist in you.

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