Comparison Of Americana Decor Chalky Paint Vs Annie Sloan


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Are you someone who is wanting to paint their home? Painting a home is a lot of work and requires a lot of skills. However, the good news is that there are now many different companies who are making all of this easier for us. By having all of these businesses around it is easier to pick and choose one that suits you and the needs of the paint job that you require. There are two popular brands that are worth looking at. Today there will be a comparison between Americana decor Chalky Paint VS Annie Sloan
For the most part, both of these brands are pretty much very similar. They both are durable and wild last you a very long time. However, chalky paint tends to fade a little faster than others, so that is something that you want to look out for. Other than that both of them are durable, which is why it should be easier for you. 
Colour Quality 
The quality of the colour is great with both brands. However, the pay off is a little different depending on the brand that you choose. For instance, if you go with a Chalky Paint then the colour will most likely be a little more pastel. If you end up going with the other brand the colours will be more brighter. At the end of the day it really depends on what you are wanting to get. You can scan both of the colours and look through the qualitys online to see, which one you like better. For the most part they are both great and do an excellent job.
The number is also perfect for these brands because they give you a lot of paint to work with. This is perfect because if you ever feel the need to go back and do touch ups you can do so. 
Good Drying Quality
Another great part of both of these paint companies is because it dries up very quickly. This is perfect for people who are going to be painting themselves and are wanting to paint without having to worry about the paint taking too long to dry. The paint dries in no time at all, which is why it is worth it. 
Colour Range 
They have a lot of colours that you can choose from when you are picking from americana decor Chalky Paint Vs Annie Sloan. You can search the shades up online and look into them if you would like and are wanting to plan ahead of time.
Another great quality about both of these brands is the fact that the prices are affordable. One can easily budget for this painting job because the paint itself will not cost you a ton of money, making it the perfect option.
Overall, if you are someones who is wanting to paint your home you should consider all your options. Look into both of the brands mentioned above and really do your research before you settle for one particular one.
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